Our deepest sympathy and condolences

Our deepest sympathy and condolences go to all the victims of the terrible events of March 15, their families and communities.

We extend our aroha and support to all our rangatahi, and whanau who will continue to be affected by this tragedy, to those in our Muslim community and those who live and work alongside them.

Aroha ki te hunga mate.

Aroha ki te whanau.


To all the teachers who supported our rangatahi while schools in Christchurch were in lockdown, who once again put the needs of their students and communities first and were in the front line of responders to an unprecedented disaster – as they were in 2011 – our deepest gratitude and respect.

We also acknowledge the courage and professionalism of all those in the emergency services who worked fearlessly to keep the citizens of Christchurch safe.

The events of Friday the 15th of March bring into sharp focus what all kaiako and kaimahi already know:

We are always there for our rangatahi

We create that stability and safety for them – even though many of us were unsure what was happening for our own children and were grieving for what had happened in our community

We showed bravery and professionalism, going above and beyond expectations because we knew our rangatahi needed their teachers and schools  to be there  for them

Kia puawai te pa

So… as we begin the process of healing, we acknowledge our teachers.

And during the hard days and weeks ahead we will support each other to support our rangatahi, our communities and all those affected.

At this difficult time let us continue to let our children know they are loved and connected and safe and have a place in our classes and schools with us.

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