Networking, learning and collaborating at I and O

A look inside PPTA’s Issues and Organising conference

“Our values are strong. Our union is powerful. We can change the world,” PPTA president Jack Boyle told activists gathered at PPTA’s annual Issues and Organising conference. 

Held in Wellington on March 7-8, more than 170 PPTA members, including teacher trainees, were able to sink their teeth into the crunchier issues facing education.

Appraisal, wellbeing at school and our union led PLD were among the many topics discussed. Keynote speaker British academic and writer professor Gregor Gall spoke about how unions could maintain forward momentum and members learned how to use the science of story to create a better future through New Zealand researcher and communicator Dr Jessica Berentson-Shaw.

The tables were then turned through an un-conference session – a series of participant-driven workshops, where members shared their expertise or facilitated discussion on topics they wished to know more about. As you can see from these images I and O is a great place for networking, information gathering and collaborating.

I and O 2020 1

I and O 2020 2

I and O 2020 8

I and O 2020 9

I and O 2020 10

I and O 2020 11

I and O 2020 13

I and O 2020 14

I and O 2020 16

I and O 2020 19

I and O 2020 20

I and O 2020 21

I and O 2020 22

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