PPTA Annual Report 2018

The PPTA's focuses and finances, detailed.


The PPTA's Annual Report is an important document, as it contains detailed summaries of our industrial, political, professional, and membership activity, as well as our consolidated financial statements for the year. Here are some excerpts from this year's edition.


One focus of our industrial activity this year is on the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement:

"Discussions with the Ministry of Education commenced in early August. This bargaining round will prove to be an important milestone in the Association’s history. Our members have given a clear mandate over many years that the supply crisis and immense workload issues must be addressed and real commitments made for the future of secondary education…"


Our field officers have been very busy:

"The major industrial issues the union continues to grapple with include: recruitment and retention (supply) of teachers, workload, coverage, funding of schools, issues with the implementation of communities of learning, working with Te Kura members to resolve outstanding issues about their conditions of employment, health and safety, workplace bullying, charter schools, illegal use of fixed term agreements, and the equal pay case we are taking for equitable non-contact time for part time teachers."


The part-time teachers' pay equity case has still not made it to court:

"This is not to say we have not been busy in working with our part time member witnesses, and with our team of lawyers in forwarding the case. It now appears likely it will be heard next February and we are extremely grateful to our witnesses who have been waiting for this case to be heard for so long for hanging in there… While the mills of justice are grinding slow in various legal obstacles re getting the case heard, we remain hopeful they will eventually grind exceeding small and show up this totally unfair and inequitable situation where most of our part time teachers continue to be paid so much less than full time colleagues for the invaluable work they do in our schools."


Secondary school staffing is at crisis levels:

"The PPTA’s 2018 secondary teacher supply survey of secondary and area schools revealed that on almost every measure, secondary teacher supply is worse than it has been since 1996 (when the Association began collecting the data)."


The Annual Report also goes into detail on the Tomorrow's Schools Review, our members' victory over Charter Schools, our Bring out the Best campaign, the NCEA review, and much more.

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