PPTA News February - March 2017

The February/March edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers. The cost of change for change's sake (president's viewpoint); Excessive teacher workload is hurting students; Dealing in students' "musical currency" and more...

Table of contents:

The cost of change for change's sake - President's viewpoint p.3;

Bulk funding - gone by morning tea time  p.4;

Introducing the new faces of PPTA  p.5;

Excessive teacher workload is hurting students p.6-7;

Dealing in students' "musical currency" p.8;

An inspiring mentor for younger women - obituary, Helen Ryburn p.10;

The boss that always cared - obituary, Colin Moore p.11;

The commodification of kids - online schools in the US p.12;

Speaking truth to power (select committee submissions) p.13;

New graduates - keep an eye on your entitlements - Out in the Field p.14;

Looking out for the new kids - support for beginning teachers p.15;

Taking on the tiger teachers - book review p.16;

Compulsory English in schools - satire  p.17;

Looking Forward Looking Back - NETs conference  p.20;


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