PPTA News August 2018

Being on the right side of history, drama teaching and resilience, NCEA review, 2018 Māori teachers conference and more…

The August issue of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers

Table of contents:

Being on the right side of history – president’s viewpoint p.3;
Standing together - union solidarity p.4;
Drama teaching and resilience p.5;
A qualification to be proud of (opinion) p.6;
Shining the light on the NCEA review p.7;
Uniting to eliminate the gender pay gap p.8;
Mental health and addiction in schools p.9;
2018 Māori Teachers’ Conference p.10-11;
Bring out the best selfie competition p.12;
Bring out the best – activism through art p.13;
Branch engagement – our union is stronger for it p.14;
Helping students navigate the financial world p.15;
A progressive case for bringing knowledge back in (opinion) p.16;
Time to prioritise teacher supply and retention (letter) p.17;
Outsourcing Healthcare Plus – PPTA members respond p.18;
Conduct and competence – Out in the field p.19;
PPTA annual conference p.20.

 2018 August PPTA News cover

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