PPTA News May 2018

Collaboration for change, a message from FInland to New Zealand, survey shows Kiwis support teachers and more...

The May edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers

Table of contents: 

Time for a Bigger Pie - president's viewpoint p.3;
Teachers celebrate Pasifika culture p.4;
Collaboration for change  p.5;
ISTP summit moves from competition to collaboration p.6;
From Finland to New Zealand - "we are watching" p.7;
The Tahi Rua Toru Tech Challange p.8;
Changes in the teacher laptop scheme p.9;
Education and future of tax  p.10;
COL survey findings deserve a closer look p.11;
"It's heartening to know NZers have got our backs" p.12;
Nationwide meetings to vote on Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement p.13;
Bright Spot Awards to boost classroom innovation p.14;
Who is behind the Education Hub? p.14;
Sustainable teaching p.15;
Secondary teachers need support to bring out the best p.16; 
Managing workload? p.17;
A finger on the professional pulse p.18; 
Teachers have a right to be safe at work - Out in the Field p.19;
Pasifika and Māori teachers conferences p.20 

May 2018 PPTA News (PDF)

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