2017 PPTA News May June (vol.38 no.3)

The May/June 2017 issue of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers.

Raising the status of teachers (president's viewpoint); civics education, The Promise to New Teachers, Onslow College science success, Tokoroa High School/Waikato University partnership, Lizzie Marvelly writes on the 'bathroom battle' and more...

The May - June edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents:

Raising the status of teachers - President's viewpoint p.3;

Teaching teens to take part in political decisions (civics education) p.4;

An education wish-list for election 2017 p.5;

Looking Forward, Looking Back - sharing experiences (NETs conference highlights) p.6-7;

The Promise to New Teachers - schools commit to end use of illegal temporary contracts p.8; 

13 Reasons Why - conversations around suicide p.9;

Infectious love of science leads to student success (Onslow College) p.10-11; 

Collaboration breaks down barriers to university (Tokoroa High School) p.12-13;

How PPTA became involved in health and safety training p.14 -15;

Women's Network and Area School PUMs updates p. 16; 

The bathroom battle is a front for intolerance (guest column by Lizzie Marvelly) p.17;

Gold for New Zealand educators (Disobedient Teaching book review) p.18;

Timetabling changes (Out in the Field) p.19;

NZCTU Women's Conference p.20

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