SecondaryEd news 28 July 2017

School property overhaul needed, Associate education minister on the teacher supply crisis; new US charter school report; and more...

School property funding needs overhaul - Auditor-General
Radio New Zealand
"We recommend that the Ministry of Education consider the way annual maintenance and renewal funding is allocated to schools so that it responds better to different property types, age, condition, and purpose of buildings," the report said.

Ministry clears Feilding teacher of dragging special needs pupil
The school didn't tell the Ministry of Education of the family's claims about the incident. Feilding High School principal Martin O'Grady was approached for comment, but did not respond.

Oral Question: 12. Teachers-Supply
New Zealand Parliament
The Education Council is also working to reduce the cost of teacher education refresher courses.

Catherine Delahunty - our schools need to be for everyone
Education Central
The Green Party is calling for this money to be centralised at the Ministry of Education so that the kids who need help get it, rather than being at the mercy of Government underfunding of the operations grant.

US - NAACP releases report on charter schools
Detroit Free Press
Detroit and Michigan figure prominently in an NAACP report released today on charter schools that concluded there are wide problems in the sector nationwide and that called for the elimination of for-profit run charter schools.



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