SecondaryEd news 7 August 2017

Restorative practices; sending the kids outside; new principal for Rangiora High; and more...

Teacher in Whanganui to study restorative practices
Wanganui Chronicle
She spent time at Whanganui Girls' College and Whanganui High School, talking with teachers and students about how restorative practices work in their school.

Golden Bay school knocks down walls and sends children outdoors
Nelson Mail
The Ministry of Education has embraced "innovative" or "modern" learning, and expects designs for new school buildings to deliver flexible learning spaces.

Education sector happy to see deciles go, but not sure about what's coming next
It's one of the biggest school shakeups in recent years, but how is scrapping decile ratings for something called the Risk Index going to improve things for students and schools? Laura Dooney reports.

Auckland high school student excluded after flashing his bottom
Since the expulsion, the mother sought legal advice and contacted officials from the Ministry of Education in a bid to overturn the decision.

Schoolgirls start petition to stop Waikato spring water going offshore
New Zealand Herald
A group of Hamilton Girls' High School students are hoping to get 50,000 signatures to stop spring water from the Waikato being bottled and shipped overseas.

Teacher looks at making boys into good men
Hamilton News
Getting from near high school dropout to teacher and author has been a major journey.

Rangiora High School's new principal settling into new role
The Press
Rangiora High School's (RHS) new principal is enjoying settling into her new surroundings.


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