SecondaryEd news 8 August 2017

Reducing suicide rates; raising the youth vote; school funding; and more...

Break the Silence: 10 potential solutions to reduce our youth suicide rates - part one
New Zealand Herald
The potential to screen New Zealand youth for mental health issues is being investigated by Gluckman and the chief science adviser for the Ministry of Education, Stuart McNaughton.

Young people suggest ways to raise the youth vote
New Zealand Herald
Former MPs also want to see the ideas suggested by students in this competition picked up by the next Minister of Education, working with the Association of Secondary Principals, teacher organisations and others to form a group that develops some of the students' suggestions as a pilot scheme.

Opinion: Stuart Middleton - getting to the heart of demanding more funding
Education Central
In schools the rigid tying of Year 11 to NCEA L1, Year 12 to NCEA L2, and Year 13 to NCEA L3 must surely be challenged.

Matamata-Piako driving forward policy to get students behind the wheel at school
Waikato Times
Rotorua Lakes Council put forward the idea and asked LGNZ to lobby government to support of a free and all-inclusive universal drivers licence programme for all students at NCEA level two.

Top teacher fights for Canada's indigenous people
As a little girl growing up in rural Nova Scotia in Canada, Maggie MacDonnell was worried by locals gossiping about the Mi'kmaq indigenous people who lived on a nearby reserve. They said the Mi'kmaq were trapping on her family's land.

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