SecondaryEd news 9 August 2017

University not the only option for kids; better sex education needed; grieving Christchurch schools; and more...

School set for completion in December
Otago Daily Times
Construction of Wakatipu High School's new Frankton campus is on time and budget, the Ministry of Education says.

Jake Bailey: Best thing you can give teens? Options
New Zealand Herald
Nearly half of the people who go to university don't finish their degree as planned, and yet secondary education goals steer students towards university attendance.

'It's never an easy conversation' - teens campaign for better sex education in a bid to end rape culture
The Ministry of Education says schools know their students best, so it makes sense for them and their communities to decide how sex education is covered.

Nikki Kaye launches disaster response review, faces 'grieving' Christchurch schools
A review of disaster response systems will consider whether the Ministry of Education has learned its lesson from the Canterbury earthquakes.

MOE seeks teenagers’ take on education issues
School News
"The students’ insights will be shared with the Ministry of Education’s leadership team, relevant business groups and other education agencies.

Clean toilets - the mark of a good school?
School News
In New Zealand, a survey of 68 schools in the South Island revealed that only 28 per cent followed the Ministry of Education’s code for toilet and bathroom facilities by providing warm water, liquid soap at every basin and functioning hand drying facilities.

Rototuna Senior High School: Redefining NCEA
School News
Rototuna Senior High School - thoroughly modern from its sleek design to its fresh approach to NCEA

Petition calls for sex education in schools to include LGBT
More than 5000 people have signed a petition started by 17-year-old high school students Lauren Jack and Ruby Medlicott, which was presented to Labour MP Grant Robertson outside Parliament on Tuesday afternoon.


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