Te Tiriti o Waitangi: Developing the relationship

Karanga mai ki a koutou mō te hītori ō te Tiriti ō Waitangi

Feature image: Treaty Plaque by Michael Coghlan CC BY-SA 2.0 

Over the last 12 years both Te Mataora Bill Anderson and PPTA Te Wehengarua field officer Andrew Barron have shared the learning outcomes of their Treaty of Waitangi experiences around workshops in the secondary school environment. The workshops have been demanding and challenging in meeting the differences of opinion of some management personnel and teachers, and overcoming the knowledge barriers that have inhibited the learning of new understandings and ways forward.

This article introduces a new presenter PPTA field officer Jason Smythe to the workshop delivery for the remainder of 2019 and into the future. We thank Andrew Barron for the many years of support and guidance given to the delivery of the Treaty of Waitangi in many secondary schools across the country and wish him well in his retirement.

So what does a treaty workshop look like and why would you want to have this presented in your school?

The workshops that have been delivered to over 50 secondary school staff in the last 12 years have had a focus of recognising the treaty as a founding document of New Zealand and what that looks in the school environment. We have viewed the place of the treaty as one of the important educational goals of the Ministry of Education and how administrators, principals and teachers have used it in the school environment to acknowledge the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and the opportunity for participants to apply that into their own professional knowledge in their learning and teaching.

The workshop provides a professional and personal journey of conversations around the history of the treaty and what it means to the individual today. It is not only about land, water, fishing laws, Māori language and education, but what the governments of the past and present had put in place to address the grievances of Hapu and Iwi through the Waitangi Tribunal. E.g.(The Waitomo Caves Settlement, 1987).

To take part in a treaty workshop please make contact with Bill Anderson or Jason Smythe at PPTA Hamilton office, 07 849 0168

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