Journal of Professional Learning and Development (JPLD)

The PPTA is developing an online journal with the goal to enhance the quality of teaching in New Zealand secondary schools. We are planning on publishing it twice a year, and it will be emailed to PPTA members who have signed up to receive the PLD newsletter. However, to publish a journal, we need content. We imagine three styles of article:

1. For the classroom – shorter pieces, written by classroom teachers. These may be a write up of an inquiry you have done. Perhaps you have undertaken some research as part of your own study. The intention is that these articles are very practical rather than theoretical.

2. For the staffroom – longer pieces that might be useful for a school PLD session. These are envisaged to be more in depth, to allow someone to unpack the details and contextualise in for a school. These may stem from a larger inquiry or a thesis.

3. For education – these are the most theoretical of the pieces we intend to publish. They may be written by academics or teachers, and are more of a deep dive into an issue or idea.

If you have an idea and want to run it past us, or if you have an article ready to go, please email it to with "Journal" in the subject line. Articles will be edited but not peer-reviewed.

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