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2017 Ngā Manu Kōrero speech topics Ngā Manu Kōrero topics Māori and English
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March 21, 2017 21/03/17
2017 PPTA News April (vol.38 no.2) Working with the people who matter most - President's viewpoint p.3;
Morning teas a #Winning formula p.4;
Professionals gather to advance public education (Issues and Organising seminar) p.5;
Staunch activist stands up for the most vulnerable (Trevor Wilson) p.6;
Students may miss out as staffing schools get harder p.8;
Trusting teaching and prioritising teachers' wellbeing (ISTP) p.9;
School, iwi and community join forces for students (Taihape Area School) p.10;
Something to stand up for (Alternative education Wainuiomata Rangatahi Learning Centre) p.12;
2017 Maori Teachers’ Conference p.14;
A commitment to social justice and workers rights (Obituary Gunther Warner) p.15;
“Lightbulb moment” with staff at morning tea (Howick College) p.16;
Charter schools and tino rangatiratanga? Please... (Morgan Godfrey) p. 17;
Contemplations from the classroom (Roger Gregory) p. 18;
Supporting our colleagues in precarious employment - Out in the Field p.19;
Updates - Communities of Learning survey; Education Council fee increase p. 20.
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May 2, 2017 02/05/17
2017 PPTA News August (vol.38 no.5) The August edition of PPTA News: the magazine for New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents:

Working with the people who matter most - President's viewpoint p.3;
Albany Senior High School - advocating for the next generation of teachers p.4;
Community support breaks down learning barriers p.5;
Transforming Maori education - Maori Teachers' Conference p.6-7;
Schools and principals stronger together - new NZSPC chair p.8;
Kicking off the first New Zealand Teachers' Games p.9;
Housing, job security and education - the big issues for young workers p.10;
PPTA members quiz candidates p.11;
Education policies - we asked, they answered p. 12-13;
Social investment and education funding models (guest column Bill Rosenberg) p.14;
Focus on education - PPTA election resources p.15;
Part time teachers take a case for equality p;16;
Technology, plagiarism software and school libraries p.17;
New Zealand secondary schools and your child (author interview with Bali Haque) p.18;
Always check your payslip (out in the field) p.19;
PPTA annual conference and executive elections p.20
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August 14, 2017 14/08/17
2017 PPTA News February-March (vol.38 no.1) The cost of change for change's sake - President's viewpoint p.3;
Bulk funding - gone by morning tea time p.4;
Introducing the new faces of PPTA p.5;
Excessive teacher workload is hurting students p.6-7;
Dealing in students' "musical currency" p.8;
An inspiring mentor for younger women - obituary, Helen Ryburn p.10;
The boss that always cared - obituary, Colin Moore - p.11;
The commodification of kids - online schools in the US - p.12;
Speaking truth to power (select committee submissions) p.13;
New graduates - keep an eye on your entitlements - Out in the Field p.14;
Looking out for the new kids - support for beginning teachers p.15;
Taking on the tiger teachers - book review p.16;
Compulsory English in schools - satire p.17;
Looking Forward Looking Back - NETs conference p.20.
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April 4, 2017 04/04/17
2017 PPTA News July (vol.38 no.4) The July edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents

Education isn't an island - President's viewpoint p.3;
Mental health teaching resources to receive upgrade p.4-5;
Joint taskforce investigates secondary workload issues p.6;
Rebalancing secondary teacher workload p.7;
Creating safe schools, workplaces and communities (Pink Shirt Day) p.8;
Defending public education (guest column Martin Thrupp) p.9;
When teaching is in the blood (Buller High School) p.10-11;
Dyslexia as a teaching tool p.12-13;
Obituary - Ken Havill p.14;
About tax - paying for education and public services (book excerpt -Progressive Thinking) p.15;
Demystifying the headline grabbing test results (book review - The Global Education Race) p.16;
Retraining to teach (guest column - Dave Armstrong) p.17;
Letters to the editor p.18;
Units and middle management allowances (out in the field) p.19;
Education and the election p.20

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July 5, 2017 05/07/17
2017 PPTA News May June (vol. 38 no.3) Contents include:
Raising the status of teachers - President's viewpoint p.3;
Teaching teens to take part in political decisions (civics education) p.4;
An education wish-list for election 2017 p.5;
Looking Forward, Looking Back - sharing experiences (NETs conference highlights) p.6-7;
The Promise to New Teachers - schools commit to end use of illegal temporary contracts p.8;
13 Reasons Why - conversations around suicide p.9;
Infectious love of science leads to student success (Onslow College) p.10-11;
Collaboration breaks down barriers to university (Tokoroa High School) p.12-13;
How PPTA became involved in health and safety training p.14 -15;
Women's Network and Area School PUMs updates p. 16;
The bathroom battle is a front for intolerance (guest column by Lizzie Marvelly) p.17;
Gold for New Zealand educators (Disobedient Teaching book review) p.18;
Timetabling changes (Out in the Field) p.19;
NZCTU Women's Conference p.20.
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July 5, 2017 05/07/17
2017 PPTA News May June (vol.38 no.3) The May/June 2017 issue of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers. Raising the status of teachers (president's viewpoint); civics education, The Promise to New Teachers, Onslow College science success, Tokoroa High School/Waikato University partnership, Lizzie Marvelly writes on the 'bathroom battle' and more...
July 5, 2017 05/07/17
2017 PPTA News November-December (vol.38 no.7) The November December issue of PPTA News: the magazine for New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents:

Time for teachers to secure their own oxygen masks - President's viewpoint p.3;
Students make te reo visible through clothing p.4;
Let's do...what? (members discuss new govt) p.5;
Correspondence School's corporate turn could hurt p.6;
Real Word Ready - author interview p.7;
Affirmation for specialists through service increment - p.8;
Holiday entitlements p.9;
Grassroots political engagement p.10;
Northland community asks the tough questions p.11;
2017 PPTA annual conference p.12-13;
Making equality reality p.14;
Is the twitterverse teaching or harming our students? p.15;
New staff happy to call NZ home p.16;
Collaborating on digital assessment transformation p.17;
Surplus staffing - when your school has a falling roll (out in the field) p.18;
Chalkdust - a look into PPTA's past p.19;
Leaving teaching survey p.20.

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November 14, 2017 14/11/17
2017 PPTA News September October (vol 38. no.6) The September October edition of PPTA News: the magazine for New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents:
It's all about the kids...and the teachers - President's viewpoint p.3;
Charter schools fail to make the grade p.4;
PPTA part-time equal pay claimants ready for court p.5;
Standing up - the faces of our equal pay campaign p.6-7;
Equal pay, all the way - support for our part-time teachers p.8-9;
Teachers and te reo p.10-11;
Housing, job security and education - the big issues for young Flexible timetables work well with consultation p.12;
Out in the Field - the timetabling edition p.13;
Bay of Islands College's 'got it made' with trade award p.14;
Principals concerned pay not attracting teachers p.15;
Hobbies, remuneration and middle leadership (letters) p.16;
Supporting workers and women (UnionAID raffle) p;17;
Farewell to a principled, caring and collaborative leader (obituary - Peter Allen) p.18;
The power of a collective agreement p.19;
Always check your payslip (out in the field) p.19;
Induction and mentoring support p.20;
Leaving teaching survey p. 20.
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September 25, 2017 25/09/17
2018 Māori Teachers' Conference registration form
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April 30, 2018 30/04/18
2018 PPTA News April (Vol 39 No2) 2018 PPTA News April (Vol 39 No2)
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April 11, 2018 11/04/18
2018 PPTA News August (vol.39 no.5) The August issue of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers
Table of contents:
Being on the right side of history – president’s viewpoint p.3;
Standing together - union solidarity p.4;
Drama teaching and resilience p.5;
A qualification to be proud of (opinion) p.6;
Shining the light on the NCEA review p.7;
Uniting to eliminate the gender pay gap p.8;
Mental health and addiction in schools p.9;
2018 Māori Teachers’ Conference p.10-11;
Bring out the best selfie competition p.12;
Bring out the best – activism through art p.13;
Branch engagement – our union is stronger for it p.14;
Helping students navigate the financial world p.15;
A progressive case for bringing knowledge back in (opinion) p.16;
Time to prioritise teacher supply and retention (letter) p.17;
Outsourcing Healthcare Plus – PPTA members respond p.18;
Conduct and competence – Out in the field p.19;
PPTA annual conference p.20.
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September 10, 2018 10/09/18
2018 PPTA News February March (vol 39. no.1) The February March edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents:

Our pay and the conditions of our employment - President's viewpoint p.3;
PPTA joins 21st century with online membership p.4;
Teachers parade with pride p.4;
Unions engaging with sustainable development p.5;
NCEA workload and review p.6-7;
Backing public education by ending charter schools p.8;
Bring out the Best campaign p.9-11;
Democracy returns to education council p.12-13;
Guy Allan award - Chris Bangs p.14;
Education Hub Q and A p.15;
New Year, new changes - Out in the Field p.16;
School camps and field trips - know your entitlements p.17;
Letters to the editor p.18-19
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March 13, 2018 13/03/18
2018 PPTA News June July (vol 39. no 4) The June/July issue of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers

Table of contents:

Drawing strength from past victories - guest viewpoint p.3;
West Coast schools supporting new teachers p.4;
Canterbury education summit p.5;
Penalising part-time teachers is a gender pay issue p.6;
Part-time equal pay case update p.7;
Outsourcing HealthCarePlus p.8;
NCEA - have your say p.9;
Bring out the Best p.10-11;
STCA paid union meetings p.12-13;
Teacher shortages "a perfect storm" - principals p.14;
Primary teachers meet to consider government's pay offer p.15;
Tomorrow's Schools review p.16;
Opinion - Why are tax cuts being given to A list schools? p.17;
Māori Electoral Option 2018 p.18;
Mental health and resilience teaching resources p.18;
Taking on extra responsibilities - out the field p.19;
Look out for your membership cards p.20

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July 2, 2018 02/07/18
2018 PPTA News May (vol.39 no.3) The May edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers

Table of contents:

Time for a Bigger Pie - president's viewpoint p.3;
Teachers celebrate Pasifika culture p.4;
Collaboration for change p.5;
ISTP summit moves from competition to collaboration p.6;
From Finland to New Zealand - "we are watching" p.7;
The Tahi Rua Toru Tech Challange p.8;
Changes in the teacher laptop scheme p.9;
Education and future of tax p.10;
COL survey findings deserve a closer look p.11;
"It's heartening to know NZers have got our backs" p.12;
Nationwide meetings to vote on Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement p.13;
Bright Spot Awards to boost classroom innovation p.14;
Who is behind the Education Hub? p.14;
Sustainable teaching p.15;
Secondary teachers need support to bring out the best p.16;
Managing workload? p.17;
A finger on the professional pulse p.18;
Teachers have a right to be safe at work - Out in the Field p.19;
Pasifika and Māori teachers conferences p.20
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May 24, 2018 24/05/18
2018 PPTA News September October (vol.39 no.6) The September-October issue of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers

Table of contents:
Making teacher supply a priority – guest viewpoint p.3;
The 80s called and they want their salary back - union solidarity p.4;
Focus on wellbeing at Napier Girls’ High School p.5;
Macleans College students study teacher welfare p.6;
PPTA executive elections p.7;
2018 PPTA Pasifika conference p.8-9;
Christchurch Girls’ High School rebuild p.10;
Teachers make powerful contribution during quakes p.11;
Standing united in West Virginia p.12;
New Zealand really wants to talk about NCEA p.13;
What happens when your school has a falling roll? – out in the field p.14;
Students’ education the casualty of day reliever shortages p.15;
Secondary Teachers’ Collective Agreement update p.16;
Outsourcing Healthcare Plus – PPTA members respond p.18;
Conduct and competence – Out in the field p.19;
PPTA annual conference p.20.
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September 26, 2018 26/09/18
2018 Review of NCEA (presentation notes) (August 2017) PPTA has been talking with groups of members about the upcoming review of NCEA. This is one of the presentations that has been used.
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August 23, 2017 23/08/17
2018 Secondary Staffing Survey report In term one 2018 the principals of secondary schools and composite schools with secondary rolls were surveyed about their staffing situation. The questions focused on the broader aspects of the teacher supply equation, raising issues of both quantity and quality of supply. There have been similar surveys since 1996.

The survey findings generally indicate a worsening of the secondary teacher supply situation. Most of the measures in the report are the worst recorded by PPTA since the start of this series of reports in 1998.

More jobs were advertised and the mean number of applicants per position is declining, principals are more pessimistic about recruiting and retaining teachers than they have ever been, and there is continuing concern amongst employers about the retirement of teaching staff.

Schools are continuing to hire overseas teachers to fill vacancies, but the numbers are lower than 2017, 8% of schools indicated they have no relievers, and the average number of relievers is the lowest recorded.

The number leaving the secondary teaching workforce is the highest level recorded in these surveys, as is the number of courses cancelled or transferred to alternative mechanisms because schools cannot find qualified specialist staff.

More non-specialist teachers are covering classes and more subjects are being cancelled or transferred to distance options because principals cannot find trained and qualified staff than we have recorded before.
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August 17, 2018 17/08/18
2018-10-02 PPTA response to ministry offer Joe Hunter
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October 2, 2018 02/10/18
2018-10-02 PPTA response to ministry offer Rob Torr
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October 2, 2018 02/10/18
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July 13, 2018 13/07/18
80, 15, 5 percent: What we know; what they need… (2009) 2009 Annual conference paper. The challenge is to try and get the best value we can for professional support for teachers and funding for schools to work proactively with the bulk of our students, while lobbying and monitoring the government to commit badly-needed funding and resources to the development of specialist services for children and young people with conduct problems. Despite an extremely positive and proven cost-benefi t ratio for early intervention into conduct problems, our system continues to be fragmented, under-staffed, under-qualifi ed and under-funded.
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January 19, 2017 19/01/17
A Civilised Society - the bulk funding battle A Civilised Society is a documentary directed by Alister Barry - it's a story about the battle of ordinary New Zealanders against education policies such as bulk funding and individual contracts, policies they believed would wreak havoc in education
December 12, 2016 12/12/16
A hierarchy of inequality – The decile divide (2013) 2013 Annual conference paper from the Waikato region. There are concerns about use of the decile system for other purposes. Set up as a mechanism to provide targeted funding for students facing significant barriers to learning, the rating has become mixed up with academic performance of schools in league tables and a marketing tool for schools. Parents are often going to considerable lengths to ensure their children access high decile schools, often at considerable sacrifice, in the belief that this is synonymous with ‘good’ schools.
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April 19, 2017 19/04/17
A level playing field? The importance of local funding in financing secondary schools (2012) 2012 Annual conference paper from the Waikato Region. In 2003 a PPTA annual conference paper examined how government underfunding affected secondary schools’ capacity to deliver on their core functions, restricting their ability to create an optimal learning environment. The main thrust of the paper was that there was a need to match government funding to the true costs of education in order to deliver a high quality public education. The paper clearly pointed out the inadequacy of the Operations Grant in a changing environment of rising costs and the unhelpful pressure on schools to supplement government funding with other revenue and income sources.
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January 17, 2018 17/01/18