Parental leave: Guidelines to your employment rights

PPTA Te Wehengarua guidance for teachers on the parental leave provisions set out in the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987, the Secondary Teachers 'Collective Agreement (STCA) and the Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement (ASTCA)

This document outlines your parental leave rights and any payments that you may be entitled to under your collective agreement and the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987.

Note: you may need to make a choice about whether to take leave under the collective agreement or the Act. If you qualify for both, the collective agreement entitlements are more generous.

Maternity grant

The maternity grant is a lump sum payment made to a woman teacher after she gives birth or adopts a child.  This collective agreement entitlement was won by PPTA members and is in addition to your rights to maternity leave and paid parental leave.  The teacher must write to their employer or directly to the school's pay authority to receive the grant, and they must provide a certificate of birth, stillbirth or adoption.

The teacher must also have provided the employer with a medical certificate confirming pregnancy or with a notice of adoption when they applied for leave. The employer will supply the appropriate application form (ESP27) to the school's payroll agency with a copy of the birth certificate.

weblink Novopay Maternity Grant form (NOVO27)

The grant is the lump sum equivalent of six weeks of the teacher's usual salary as at the date of the birth or adoption. It is payable even if the period of leave is less than six weeks and in addition to paid parental leave.
Non-permanent part-time teachers are not eligible for the grant.

Note: IRD regard the maternity grant as secondary income if it is received at the same time as the parental leave payment and it will be subject to secondary tax.

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Parenthood credits on return to teaching

Salary credit for time spent in full-time childcare is calculated at the rate of one for three, eg: one year's leave would give four months' credit, three years' leave would give one year's credit.

This only applies to registered teachers who resigned or took leave for childcare when they return to a permanent position. This provision does not apply to those who were entrants to teaching after childcare.

Any non-permanent teaching service during this childcare time will be deducted from the parenthood credit but remains credited as teaching service. A certified copy of the child's birth certificate is required with the letter of application to the school's pay authority.

Other information

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Membership of PPTA

Members who take maternity, extended or parental leave can retain full membership for the time spent on leave without pay for up to two years. Apply to PPTA national office, PO Box 2119, Wellington with a copy of the letter from the school approving the leave without pay.

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