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Submission to Education & Science Select Committee on SOP 176 Education Legislation Bill June 2016 The creation in this SOP of a new class of teacher is a significant change, which the Select Committee is right to recognise that we have an interest in. This...
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
Te Huarahi Māori Motuhake Submission on the Education Amendment Bill 2012 (January 2013) Submission made on behalf of Te Huarahi Māori Motuhake opposing the changes to the Education Amendment Bill, in particular the section establishing charter schools.
... Te Huarahi is also...
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
The Future Shape of the Special Schools Network in Greater Christchurch: Submission June 2014 PPTA maintains that it is essential to retain special and residential schools
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
University Entrance review discussion document. Submission April 2017 PPTA wishes to put on record here its concern that the universities continue to have so much influence over the curriculum in the senior school by their position on University...
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August 17, 2020 17/51/2020
Updating the Education Act: Submission December 2015 The following submission answers the fifteen questions from the consultation document.
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
Vulnerable Children Bill: Submission October 2013 Submission to the Social Services Select Committee on the Vulnerable Children Bill. Outlines the context in which the proposals in the Bill are being made, including our international obligations,...
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020