Charter Schools – Information for Principals and Boards

Principals and school boards may have questions about or be interested in discussing charter schools.

Above is a document you can print which has some key considerations for boards, covering key points around:

  • Community representation and voice
  • The contract model
  • Performance targets
  • Funding
  • Support from the Ministry of Education
  • Teachers

Further information can be found here:

Summary of the Cabinet Paper

A New Framework for Charter Schools – a summary of the May release of a Cabinet document outlining the anticipated legislation around charter schools.

NZ Herald

Charter Schools will fail again, and here is why - Dr Shannon Walsh NZEI Strategic Researcher

Education International

In Defence of Public Education (video and excerpts) 

Network for Public Education analysis of CREDO (Stanford) Study 

An In-Depth Critique of the CREDO 2023 National Report.pdf

This is an important read – the Ministry is using the CREDO report (sometimes referred to as the Stanford study) to provide charter schools with a sense of legitimacy. The report is not peer-reviewed and is published by a right-wing think tank which is partly funded by the anti-worker and anti-union Walton Family. The methodology of the report that Ass. Minister Seymour is using as evidence does not provide a robust analysis of the context. 

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