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We couldn’t develop any programmes without the mahi and expertise of secondary teachers. Thank you to everyone who’s attended events or taken part in courses, and for sharing your insight and feedback.

Women in Secondary Educational Leadership Programme

Women in Secondary Educational Leadership Programme

“Thank you for such an inspiring workshop to start the course. It has started to reignite a passion and I hope gives me more direction than I currently have in my pathway towards leadership.”

“I found the coaching section – and being able to differentiate this from mentoring and teaching – really useful. Also pushing me outside my comfort zone was good when I did it (scary initially!).”

“So far I'm loving the course – it has really sparked my imagination and boosted my confidence.”

“This course has given me the opportunity to meet other women and hear their stories; to begin to explore, understand and appreciate my leadership strengths and areas for growth.”

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Quotes from micro-credential graduates: Effective mentoring practices for secondary teachers in Aotearoa

“More experienced teachers would benefit from this course too, during these times of burnout. It can be unclear, especially in middle leadership, what you need to do to progress your career – this has been so clarifying.” – House Leader

 “My assumptions have been challenged about what mentoring is. In contrast with coaching – ‘What do I do next?’ – I can see how the mentee is encouraged to come to these conclusions themselves.” – ​​​​​​​Teacher

“I’m enjoying learning the theory behind mentoring, and to give myself permission not to solve peoples’ problems. I’ve been trying a few approaches in my teaching practice: policy-based mentoring is working especially well as groundwork for challenging conversations.” – Head of Department

 “This year I was told I’d be a mentor, but without any additional support offered, so this course filled those gaps.” – Teacher

“I’m loving learning about the mana associated with mentoring, and how we can navigate the procedural elements, with the necessary nurturing involved.” – Across School Lead

“Something that I took away from this course was the concept of intention. I’ve learned how to start the mentoring process by co-constructing a relationship: establishing what the mentor and mentee would like to achieve.” – Teacher

“A key shift to a co-constructive model is letting the mentee hold the mana in this space and direct the conversation. For the mentor, silence, listening and holding back is key.” – Assistant Principal

 “Through the readings I’ve been given a strong basis in theory and practice. Speaking as a first-year leader, my experience being mentored is that there’s a lack of consistency, and each of us only has the subjective knowledge of our own mentorship experience.” – Teacher

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Video testimonials from Rangitoto College micro-credential graduates: Effective mentoring practices for secondary teachers in Aotearoa

Authentic Learning

Benefits of the Course

Changes to my Practice

Cultural Perspectives on Mentoring

Embedding the Learning

Influencing Change

Reflections on the Learning

Theory & Practice (1/3)

Theory & Practice (2/3)

Theory & Practice (3/3)

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Education Conference 2023

Our conference slideshow is available on the event website.

Provisionally Certificated Teachers’ Conference

Slideshows of our 2022 and 2023 PCT conferences are available on the event websites.

National Secondary Education Leadership Summit 2022

"I also want to take the opportunity to thank the organising committee for the fabulous PD that the three day summit was. There were some outstanding speakers and Te Pae was a perfect venue. The programme was well paced and allowed for lots of connecting time with other delegates. I really appreciated being able to attend in person rather than online."

"Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend the recent Leadership Conference. It was inspiring, powerful and hugely beneficial."

"The conference was phenomenal, and I will most certainly be lobbying for a large contingent of fellow staff to attend the next one!"

"I am lucky to have received this [Women in Leadership] grant to go to such an awesome conference! I would have missed out otherwise."

You can still visit the 2022 conference website hear from more kaiako in the video highlights reel to and to watch the keynote presentations.

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