Needs-based Staffing for Secondary

Creating a better way to resource our schools

The current formula for delivering staffing for secondary education is not needs-based. 

PPTA and the Secondary Principals Council of New Zealand are working to replace the current model with one that is driven by the school and student needs.

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A New Model

The work underpinning the needs-based model and a description it can be found in this report

A short discussion document can be found here 

Copies of the report and the discussion document have been sent to all principals in schools with secondary students and to constituency MPs and senior politicians and party education spokespeople.

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The government does not need to change legislation to introduce needs-based staffing, but it will need to provide better funding to achieve one.

Together we can make that happen. 

You Can Help 

Talk about the model with colleagues and with leaders in your community.

Give feedback to PPTA/SPC on the model.

Write a letter to your local constituency MP and to the Minister of Education.

Share the discussion document with your board.

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