Neurodivergent Kaiako Advisory Committee

The PPTA Executive is seeking expressions of interest from members to join the Neurodivergent Kaiako Advisory Committee. 

What will the committee do?  

The advisory committee will be convened to report to annual conference in 2024 and beyond with recommendations on: 

  • Systems to best utilise and recognise the unique abilities of our neurodivergent kaiako 
  • Addressing challenges faced by neurodivergent kaiako in kura across the country 

 This work is as a result of the decision-making at the PPTA Te Wehengarua 2023 Annual Conference.  

A full description of this kaupapa can be found in the 2023 Annual Conference paper, Thinking Differently. 

The taskforce will be comprised of five to seven members, including an Executive Member and a Te Huarahi member. 

What do I need to be a representative on PPTA’s Neurodivergent Advisory Committee? 

  • You must be a member of the PPTA.  
  • You must be able to get release from your school to attend advisory committee meetings. This will likely involve one in-person meeting in Wellington, and one online meeting (during work hours). All travel and relief costs incurred will be covered by PPTA National Office. 
  • You must be able to work collaboratively with a range of people to develop PPTA Policy.  

Members of the advisory committee who are representing the Executive and Te Huarahi will be appointed by those bodies. Member representatives will be selected through the self-nomination process by the President and General Secretary, ensuring that there is a cross-section of member representation on the committee.  

Expressing Interest 

Call for nominations has now closed

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