Mahi Tika Provisionally certificated teachers online registration form

Mahi tika is a programme of paid professional development for all
PPTA members.
Courses are designed to be practical, and use a range of adult education
and active learning techniques. These include; case studies, collaborative
problem-solving, active research methods and discussion.

Provisionally certificated teachers

One day course

Teachers who are new to the profession face a number of challenges. This course focuses on the professional and employment issues that are particularly relevant to you.

This course is for all beginning teachers (you don’t have to be a PPTA member) and assists to:

  • Access advice and guidance programmes that support you to gain full certification
  • Develop an overview of the collective agreement and legislative entitlements and obligations
  • Develop strategies for dealing with common workplace issues
  • Understand the role of PPTA, especially the branch

This course, unlike Mahi Tika 1, 2 & 3, is not a Paid Employment Relations Course.

All registrations closes 1 week before the event

In addition to completing this online registration form, you will need to apply for leave from your employer and request that this is EREL if your Branch Chair has advised that this is appropriate.

All flights and accommodation (if required) will be arranged by your local PPTA Field Office

I will require flights (these must and will be booked by PPTA):
I will be traveling by car:
I require accommodation:

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