Grant to attend Subject Association conferences

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Preapproval applications are open for Subject Association run events held between January 2023 and June 30 2023 only. Please apply for preapproval for eligible events at the link below.

Because funding for this grant programme expires on June 30 2023, we will not be accepting preapproval applications for events held after this date.

If you have any questions not covered by our FAQs or the preapproval requirements, you’re welcome to email To receive monthly updates on this grant and our other Learning and Development programmes, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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The PPTA has secured funding to offer post-primary teachers a grant of up to $700 per year until June 30 2023 to attend a subject association event.

This grant is to support your professional learning and development at conferences, workshops or subject-specific TRCC-run courses. It can be used to cover registration, travel, meals, childcare and accommodation to a total value of $700 (including GST). The grant cannot be used to cover relief.

Before applying for a grant, you will need to be pre-approved, so we can confirm the availability of annual funding and your event’s eligibility. This way you can be assured of reimbursement once the event has concluded.


 Apply for pre-approval
Apply for a reimbursement


You will need to coordinate your own bookings, keep your receipts and apply for the grant after the event.

Please be mindful that the grant is for $700 (including GST) in total, so booking early for conferences, flights and accommodation will be to your advantage.


Driving: Mileage is paid at 82c per km. You do not need to provide receipts for mileage but please make a note of the distance travelled when applying.

On routes where flights are readily available and significantly cheaper than driving, but you would prefer to drive, we can offer an airfare equivalent. Please email with your travel details and we can confirm this amount prior to your trip.

Flying: In addition to your flights, please keep receipts for airport transfers (e.g. taxis, Ubers and shuttles).


Please book and pay for your own accommodation and supply receipts.


For any meals not provided by the conference, you may claim the following daily value:

Breakfast:          $18

Lunch:               $20

Dinner:              $45

Receipts must be supplied.


You may be reimbursed for childcare costs across the conference and travel period, including any preparation time. Receipts must be supplied.


Can you guarantee that my application will be successful?
Before applying for a grant, you will need to be pre-approved, so we can confirm the availability of annual funding and your event’s eligibility. You may apply for pre-approval at any time. Once approved, you can guarantee access to your grant after your conference or course has concluded, provided you attend the event and supply all receipts.

Any teacher who misses out will be given priority the following year.

We anticipate that the approval in principle process may take up to three weeks at busy times (especially at the beginning of the year).

Can I use this grant to support my university study (e.g. fees or on-campus course costs)?
No, there are other mechanisms both in the collective (e.g. Study Awards or Study Support Grants) and outside the collective (e.g. Guidance Counsellor Training Study Award) to support university study.

Can I use this grant to attend a course run by an organisation other than a subject association?
No, the purpose of this fund is to support teachers to attend subject-specific courses provided by subject associations.

Can I use this grant to attend a course run overseas by a subject association?
No, this fund is to support NZ teachers and subject associations based in Aotearoa.

I want to attend a course and I’m not sure if it is a subject association. How do I know?
Approved subject associations can be found here. If the organiser of the event you’re planning to attend is not on this list, please contact

Can I apply more than once a year?
No, you can only apply once per year, even if the amount claimed is less than $700. This is so that we can support as many teachers as possible.

Can my school pay for my event?

The PPTA can only pay grants to teachers, not to a school on a teacher’s behalf.


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