Grant to attend subject association conferences

Apply for Subject Association Grant pre-approval here.

Members of PPTA will be able to apply for a grant of up to $700 per year to attend a subject association conference or workshop. We anticipate being able to provide 5000 teachers with this grant per year. It must be applied for after the event, using the form on the PPTA website.

For Subject Association Grants in 2021, you will need to apply for pre-approval. This is so that you can have certainty that funding is available.

We anticipate that the approval in principle process may take up to three weeks at busy times (especially at the beginning of the year). Once you have received approval in principle, if you are still a member when you attend the course you can be sure you will be able to access the grant. You will then need to complete and submit the reimbursement form after the course.


Q: Can I used this grant to support my university study (eg fees or on-campus course costs)?
A: No, there are other mechanisms both in the collective (eg Study Awards or Study Support Grants) and outside the collective (eg Guidance Counsellor Training Study Award) to support university study.

Q: Can I use this grant to attend a course run by an organisation other than a subject association?
A: No. The purpose of this fund is to support teachers to attend subject specific courses provided by subject associations.

Q: Can I use this grant to attend a course run oversea by a subject association?
A: No – this fund is to support NZ teachers and NZ subject associations.

Q: I am a student member of PPTA. Can I access the grant?
A: No, unfortunately this grant is only available to our full members, not student or honorary members.

Q: I want to attend a course and I’m not sure if it is a subject association. How do I know?
A: Email and we will be able to confirm whether it is covered or not.

Q: Can you guarantee that my application will be successful?
A: No, but we have done some calculations and believe that the fund will meet the demand. In the unlikely event that it does not, those who apply and miss out will be given priority next year.

Q: Can I apply more than once?
A: No, you can only apply once, even if it is for less than $700. This is so that we can support as many members as possible.

Subject Association Grants

Each member can apply once a year for up to $700 to attend a subject association conference or PLD course.

The course must be subject specific – it is not for general pedagogy offerings.

The PPTA anticipates being able to pay out money to approximately 4000 members. Those who miss out will have priority in the following year.

The grants cannot be used to cover teacher relief payments.


This fund is not unlimited. PPTA anticipates that the fund will provide support for approximately 4000 members. You are entitled to one grant per year, to attend one subject association PLD event, up to a value of $700 if you are a member of PPTA (and were a member at the time of the course or conference). This grant is to attend subject association conferences and courses or subject specific courses run by TRCC. It does not matter which PPTA collective you are covered by.

The grant covers registration, and, if needed, travel and accommodation. Participants are to book their own travel (including travel insurance protection) and accommodation and if eligible seek reimbursement from PPTA by submitting an application with attached receipts.


Mileage paid is paid at 79 cents per km.

If you choose to drive rather than fly (where flying is an option), please contact PPTA and we will let you know what the reimbursement will be.

Flights – if you are flying, please book and pay for your own flights. Be mindful that the grant is for $700 in total – booking early will be an advantage for you. Receipts must be supplied.


Please book and pay for your own accommodation. Be mindful that the grant is for $700 in total – this is likely to factor where you choose to stay. Receipts must be supplied.


If you are required to travel and need meals outside of those provided at the conference, you may claim for meals to the following value:

Breakfast:     $18

Lunch:          $20

Dinner:         $45

Receipts must be supplied.

The PPTA will only pay grants to members directly. If your school has paid the up-front costs, the arrangements for reimbursing them are between you and the school. PPTA is not able to pay a grant to a school on behalf of a member.

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