School fees and donation payments

Advice to PPTA Te Wehengarua members on the legal framework for fees and donations in state and integrated schools

PPTA Te Wehengarua policy is for a free education system, with adequate state funding of all schools to deliver a modern curriculum.

In the absence of an honest commitment by government to an adequately funded school system the Association acknowledges the financial pressure schools are under and recognises the imperatives schools feel to seek additional funding from parents to deliver the curriculum expected by their communities.

The intention of this advice is to ensure that principals and teachers have a clear understanding of the existing legal requirements when seeking payments from parents or students, so that, as far as possible, members avoid errors of understandings of the legal framework when dealing with the issues around donations and debts.

The advice does not seek to address questions of adequacy of operational funding. It does not assume the adequacy or otherwise of the operational funding provided to boards.

This advice is provided at the direction of the 2012 PPTA Annual Conference.

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