Mahi Tika: Learning to make a difference

March 15 – November 8

Mahi Tika is the professional development programme for PPTA members.  Mahi Tika courses are practical adult education seminars based on case studies, collaborative problem-solving and discussion. The courses are delivered by PPTA field officers each year at a location near you.  All members are encouraged to attend, particularly those who have taken on a role in their branch or region.

Contact your branch chair or nearest PPTA field office if you have any questions and use the links below to register.

You must register for the course that is being held in your region

All registrations close two weeks prior to the course to meet EREL (Employment Relations Education Leave) requirements, however late registrations may be accepted.


The Mahi Tika One, Two, and Three courses are approved courses for Employment Relations Education (ERE) Leave purposes. There is a legislative entitlement for a minimum number of union members to attend the education courses - please discuss with your Branch Chair and/or Field Office. It may be possible for your attendance to be provided for through your school’s professional development budget.

Mahi Tika One

Two-day course

This is a foundation employment relations course relevant to all members, and essential for those who are branch office-holders.

The course assists members to:

  • Understand the democratic structures of the PPTA and how we work, to confidently raise participation.
  • Involve and empower PPTA members in the branch to participate and take ownership of their Collective Employment Agreement and to promote the rights and obligations of the Employment Relations Act and other relevant employment legislation.
  • Use new tools and apply new skills to support a greater understanding and participation in problem-solving and research tasks within their workplace.

Upcoming Dates:

Auckland 27 - 28 May
Hamilton 06 - 07 June
Christchurch 06 - 07 June 
Wellington 13 - 14 June
Rotorua 13 - 14 June
Christchurch (Māori & Pasifika) 13 - 14 June
Northland 22 - 23 August

The Māori/Pasifika course being held in Christchurch on the 13/14 June ( , Wellington 13/14 June ( is currently full and registrations have now closed.  If you wish to be added to a waitlist, in the hope that vacancies occur, please contact the field office.

Please include the following information:

Name / MOE number / Kura / Region / Is travel, accommodation required? / Dietary requirements


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Mahi Tika Two

Two-day course

The stage two course builds on the knowledge and understanding developed in the foundation course through more in-depth focus on important collective agreement and employment law processes.

This course assists members to:

  • Understand the Employment Relations Act, especially good faith and consultation.
  • Gain greater knowledge of your collective agreements.
  • Develop skills that help to build mutual trust and confidence in your workplace.
  • Understand health and safety and fairness at work.
  • Develop the capacity of the PPTA branch to contribute to resolving workplace issues.

Upcoming Dates:

Wellington 29 - 30 August
Auckland 12 - 13 September
Rotorua 12 - 13 September
Christchurch 12 - 13 September 
Auckland (Māori & Pasifika) 29 - 30 August


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Mahi Tika Three

Two-day course

The stage three course is challenging and builds on the previous two courses. Participants learn how to negotiate solutions to workplace issues by doing it.

This course assists members to:

  • Understand aspects of workplace structures, processes and decision-making that impact the employment relationship.
  • Develop negotiation skills that support good-faith relationships within the workplace and enable members to work collaboratively to resolve workplace issues.

Upcoming Dates:

Wellington 15 - 16 August
Hamilton 07 - 08 November
Christchurch 07 - 08 November 
Auckland 07 - 08 November


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Provisionally Certificated Teachers

One day course

Teachers who are new to the profession face a number of challenges. This course focuses on the professional and employment issues that are particularly relevant to you.

This course is for all beginning teachers (you don’t have to be a PPTA member) and assists to:

  • Access advice and guidance programmes that support you to gain full certification.
  • Develop an overview of the collective agreement and legislative entitlements and obligations.
  • Develop strategies for dealing with common workplace issues.
  • Understand the role of PPTA, especially the branch.

This course, unlike Mahi Tika 1, 2 & 3, is not a Paid Employment Relations Course.

Upcoming Dates:

West Coast 30 May
Rotorua 31 May


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