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Beyond the school gate, Be informed

Three 'solutions' to get young people voting

Liz Robinson  -  May 25, 2017

Dr Bryce Edwards, National Business Review

The politics of age is getting a lot of attention this election. “Generational politics” is said to explain much of what is going on when it comes to issues of housing, superannuation and inequality. And youth non-voting is seen as a major factor in declining voter turnout, with predictions that once again few young people will turn out on polling day.

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Young teenagers

Beyond the school gate, Civics education

Time to recognise children as citizens

Liz Robinson  -  May 24, 2017


In Budget 2017, we need policies that recognise children as citizens now as much as for the future, and as having the right to the best resources our country can offer. 

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Progressive thinking

Beyond the school gate, Be informed

Progressive thinking: ten perspectives on tax

Liz Robinson  -  May 22, 2017

Public Service Association

Check out the PSA's budget week publication for 2017, featuring ten leading authors, academics and campaigners writing on a broad range of topics in tax theory and policy, including contributions from Max Rashbrooke, Susan St John, Shamubeel Eaqub, Morgan Godfery and more.

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