Research, guides, information and policies published by PPTA Te Wehengarua

2014 PPTA News November - December (vol.35 no.10) Valuing teachers as one - President's viewpoint p.3;
Two lands connect 2014 (AEU) Federal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Conference) p.4;
Well batted, Norm (Norm Austin reflects on 43 years with the union) p.5;
Coaching Hope (interview with John Kirwan) p.6;
Maternity grant win p.8;
Phoney philanthropy (John O'Neill) p.9;
Variation put to the vote (IES roles) p.10;
Refining specialisation (Specialist Classroom Teacher) p.12;
Standing up for sovereignity (TPPA) p.13;
Standing up to sexual violence p.14;
Government put on notice (EDUCANZ) p.15;
A new round of extravagant funding (charter schools) p.17;
Reimbursements for EOTC ... (Field Officer advice) p.18;
Story with good intentions fails to engage (Book review - Roskill) p.19.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2014 PPTA News October (vol.35 no.9) Step inside the gates - President's viewpoint p.3;
Novopay's walking wounded p.4;
Former president farewelled p.5;
New doco details daily toil of teachers p.5;
A stormy year (Annual Conference) p.6;
Going the distance (Phillipstown Technology Centre) p.8;
Financial irresponsibility (Charter schools) p.10;
Government set to slash your rights at work p.11;
ASPIRE retirement scheme transfer p.11;
Tackling teen depression and anxiety (Stand by me - book review) p.12;
Letters - Time for an editorial policy on gender equity? p.12;
So there is a falling roll ... (Field Officer advice) p.14;
Some PRTs required to do teacher ed refresh courses (Field Officer advice) p.14;
Make sure you're in the know before you vote (IES) p.16.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News April - May (vol.36 no.3) Authorisation bought - President's viewpoint p.3;
Ideas generation (PPTA Network of Establishing Teachers (NETs) conference) p.4;
Northland PPTA says no to TPPA p.5;
Holding back the iHunch p.6;
The charade behind the facade (Charter schools) p.8;
Dealing with the discrete material of racism (Book review) p.10;
Lessons in print (interview with author and PPTA member Denis Wright) p.10;
Offering vocal support (Health and safety) p.11;
Members snub exclusive club (Educanz) p.12;
Call back days: a couple of cases (Field Officer advice) p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News August (vol.36 no.6) Gratuitous whimsy - President's viewpoint p.3;
A passion for putaiao (Science curiculum) p.4;
Student told not to ask "those" questions (Student transition) p.5;
NZ education issues get a global audience (Education International) p.6;
Keep education out of free trade agreements (TPPA) p.7;
Offer below par (STCA negotiations) p.8;
Student voice can enhance teaching practice (Ritu Sehji) p.9;
Humour, passion and professionalism (SCT - Julia Todd) p.10;
PPTA kicking about in the community (Northland) p.11
Secondary job ads climbing (Staffing shortages) p.12;
Do teachers truly have a voice (Peter DeWitt) p.13;
An appraisal of teacher appraisals (Field Officer Advice) p.14;
ERO and EDUCANZ joint system-audit not part of PPTA boycott p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News February (vol.36 no.1) Jekyll & Hyde - President's viewpoint p.3;
On debut (Two new faces PPTA National Office) p.4;
From the heart (PB4L at Avondale College) p.5;
Respect and identity (Transgender in schools) p.6;
Supermarket heroes (First Union Pak N Save workers & Mana College) p.7;
Paid parental leave has been extended p.8;
Caregiver's equal pay win a boost for all women p.8;
Recognition for services to Pasifika education p.9;
Hub with ripples (Pond) p.10;
Pond - one teacher's experience (Wellington High, Tony Cairns) p.10;
Join the discussion (PPTA online) p.12;
Charges likely (Teachers to pay for their own police vetting?) p.13;
All there in black and white (Melanie Webber - STCA need to know posters) p.14;
Fixed term appointments - ground hog day? (Field Officer advice) p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News July (vol.36 no.5) A qualified report - President's viewpoint p.3;
Te ihi te wehi te wana (Maori Teachers' Conference) p.4;
Wellbeing in schools: 3-day course by teachers for teachers p.5;
Playing safe (Anti-bullying) p.6;
Letter - You don't have my permission to represent me (Educanz) p.7;
A good launch not rocket science (STCA campaign) p.8;
PPTA members take action through inaction (Charter schools) p.9;
Conspicuous by their silence (Student wellbeing) p.10;
Dealing with stress (Field Officer advice) p.13;
Northland activist appointed field officer (Adele Towgood) p.13;
Law out of order (Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill) p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News June (vol.36 no.4) ERO's quick-fix heroes - President's viewpoint p.3;
Forces align against bullying (Pink shirt day) p.4;
Don't talk back (Cyberbullying) p.5;
Freedom beyond violence (White Ribbon movement) p.6;
What will the Vulnerable Children Act 2015 mean for teachers? p.7;
Parental leave provisions reinforced p.7;
Camera angles (STCA campaign) p.8;
What's the buzz (Shave for a cure) p.9;
Letter - Save the National Library lending service p.10;
What does discipline look like? (Field Officer advice) p.11.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News March (vol.36 no. 2) Doing more with less makes us all mad - President's viewpoint p.3;
Plaudits for Pukekohe branch chair (Guy Allan Award) p.4;
First charter school on last warning p.5;
Robin Duff (Obituary) p.6;
New Zealand Sign Language taster classes for schools p.7;
Rainbow network Facebook page p.7;
Diminishing returns (National Library) p.8;
Battle lines drawn over Educanz (Teachers Council) p.9;
Polyfest release day entitlements p.10;
Working out what works (researchEd conference with Michaela Pinkerton) p.11;
Relief? Not entirely (Relief teaching) p.12;
Managing teacher contact time: 3 case studies (Field Officer advice) p.13;
Pay claim - catch up and keep up? (Issues and Organising seminar) p.14;
Materialism returns to the political agenda (Dr Bryce Edwards - Issues and Organising seminar) p.15;
Domestic violence as a workplace issue p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News November - December (vol.36 no.9) 2016: preparing for working parties and pantomimes - President's viewpoint p.3;
For the common good (Creative commons) p.4;
Raising the age of foster care overdue p.5;
Buzzwords and flimsy research mar process (Children's Action Plan) p.6;
Picnic at parliament for pay parity p.7;
Three-year STCA ratified p.8;
Five years on and counting (Canterbury) p.10;
Recovery & relocation(Avonside Girls' High School) p.11;
Unscathed but side-lined (Aranui High School) p.12;
"It’s not a merger, it’s a closure" (Aranui High School) p.13;
"We need to choose how we react" (Aranui High School) p.13;
Reconstructing social norms (Sexuality education) p.14;
It's a private commercial organisation and a very profitable one too (Charter schools) p.15;
24-hour commitment (Auckland PPTA activism) p.16;
Are all part-time teachers getting what they're entitled to? p.17;
New year, new job: notice and holiday pay (Field Officer advice) p.18;
Working in Greater Chch? Support is available p.18.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News October (vol.36 no.8) Community solidarity bringing change for working people - President's viewpoint p.3;
Learning from our students p.4;
Genuine inclusion needs more funding p.5;
New legislation raises the stakes (Health and Safety) p.6;
Restoring respect (Student behaviour) p.7;
Annual conference - struggle and persistence p.8;
PPTA assists Vanuatu colleagues (Annual conference) p.9;
True charity kept at home (John O'Neill) p.10;
Voluntary retraining when staffing is trimmed (Field Officer advice) p.11;
Dedicated activist joins field service p.11.

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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News September (vol.36 no. 7) Life under the big top - President's viewpoint p.3;
Maori girls' college challenges government double standard (Turakina) p.4;
Flawed model has no place in NZ - Labour (Charter schools) p.5;
Informed debate (Annual conference) p.6;
Empowering young workers p.9;
More good news for worker parents (Paid parental leave) p.10;
Union women inspire p.11;
Banned book attracts silent reading protest p.11;
Home-grown interpretations (Shakespeare in schools) p.13;
Too cool for school (Field Officer advice) p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News April (vol.37 no.2) Let's try learner-centred PLD for teachers - President's viewpoint p.3;
Reward for long hours of toil (Guy Allan Branch Activism Award presented to Claire Couch) p.4;
"Constancy and absolute belief" contribute to regional service award (PPTA service award - Radne Adern) p.4;
Obituary: Gay Simpkin 1942 - 2016 p.5;
Members encouraged to respond to ministry's census p.5;
Pasifika women unionists visit NZ to extend focus (Council of Pacific Education) p.6;
Region building momentum (East Coast) p.7;
JVP by-election: Candidates' personal statements p.8;
Members "buzzing" after activists workshops (Issues and Organising seminar) p.10;
Better provision for due diligence (Health and Safety) p.11;
Cutting edge or chaos? Modern learning environments (debate Michael Tarry and Chris Abercrombie) p.12;
Future focus too caught up in tech - Michael Harvey p.13;
When "form-time" becomes contact time (Field Officer advice) p.14;
Letter - Knocking teachers for no good reason affects our mental health p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News December (vol.37 no.9) Table of contents:
We can be heroes, just for one day - President's viewpoint p.3;
Code of professional responsibility - p.4;
What is Pasifika success? - p.5;
Middle management debate - p.6;
Farewelling Aranui High School - p.7;
NCEA and Neoliberalism - Opinion - p.8;
Set up your own charter school - Satire - p.9;
The Rhetoric and the Reality - Book review - p.10;
Changing schools and holiday pay - Out in the Field p.11;
Support for quake affected members - p.11;
(note incorrect volume and number (vol.38 no.8) on cover of magazine)
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January 24, 2017 24/01/17
2016 PPTA News Feb-Mar (vol.37 no.1) We need you activists - President's viewpoint p.3;
Celebrating 70 years of shared teaching expertise (Teachers’ Refresher Course
Committee (TRCC)) p.4;
Obituary: Ida Gaskin 1921 - 2016 p.5;
Charter school board should be sacked p.6;
Fears over tertiary charter schools p.6;
Education Council's "lack of action" disappoints (Mental health) p.8;
Young minds hold the key (Mental health) p.9;
Teacher certification put beyond reach p.10;
Continuing negotiations p.11;
Book review: Sexual Cultures in Aotearoa New Zealand p.12;
Reform and reaffirming diversity p.13;
Beginning teachers’ rights (Field Officer advice) p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News July - August (vol.37 no. 5) Braving the storm - President's viewpoint p.3;
Treaty partners at co-governed school (Nga Puna O Waiorea, Western Springs College) p.4;
The Global Budget - bulk funding by another name p.6;
The power of collective strength (interview with outgoing deputy general secretary Bronwyn Cross) p.7;
A coming together with Shakespeare p.8;
Culture support needed for isolated schools (Shakespeare Global Centre NZ) p.9;
Technology in the classroom (Debate) p.10;
Support for student teachers at summit p.11;
Postcards and perserverance for paid parental leave p.12;
Celebrating Pink Shirt Day p.12;
3 fascinating reasons teachers need to have a growth midset too! (Guest blog) p.13;
Are you getting paid correctly for your qualification (Field Officer advice) p.14.
Health and safety research for older teachers (Stuart King) p.14.
Chalkdust: A look into PPTA's past (bulk funding battles of the 1990s) p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News June (vol.37 no.4 ) Pragmatic problem-solver will be missed - President's viewpoint p.3;
Academic mentoring at Lytton High School p.4;
Kaiapoi High School traffic issues p.6;
Should New Zealand history be compulsory (Debate) p.7;
Familiar faces, new roles (PPTA's new deputy general secretary and junior VP) p.8;
Marking Matariki (Celebrating Maori New Year in schools) p.9;
Much needed support for special needs coordinators (TRCC) p.10;
Pasifika fono p.11;
Industrial update p.10;
Education and citizenship - a debate we must have (Guest blog) p.13;
Media review - Try Revolution p.14;
Letter - Marlborough college co-location - the girls' school's point of view p.14.
What's the deal with being fixed term? (Field Officer advice) p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News May (vol.37 no.3) Systematic betrayal - President's viewpoint p.3;
Paid parental leave p.4;
PPTA helps students in Thai border region p.4;
PPTA opposes call to deny principals voting rights p.5;
Members encouraged to respond to ministry's census p.5;
Guidance counsellors key to positive outcomes p.6;
NZ unions represented at UN Commission on the Status of Women p.7;
How best to dress for success? (student uniforms) p.9;
Plan for Blenheim colleges doesn't add up p.12;
Letter - I am most seriously displeased ... with the TELA laptop scheme p.13;
When leave without pay (LWOP) affects holiday pay (Field Officers Advice) p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News November (vol.37 no.8) Table of contents:
Remembering Helen Kelly - President's viewpoint p.3;
Privatising and profiteering - Examining the COOL proposal p.4;
Funding or Fantasy? - Opinion, Luke East, Year 13 student p.5;
Teacher supply crisis - p.6;
Nga Manu Korero - pg.7;
Maori History Project - Rotorua school partners with iwi p.8;
Big Sister Pasifika programme p.9;
Brand your schools (Dave Armstrong column) p.10;
Surplus staffing - field officer advice p.11;
Education for All-inclusive education rally p 12.
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April 5, 2017 05/04/17
2016 PPTA News October (vol.37 no.7) Table of contents:
Teachable moments - President's viewpoint p.3;
Palmy pioneers collaborative school community (Palmerston North CoL) p.4;
Treaty workshops in schools - p.5;
Cooking with the minister - How to boil an egg (Dave Armstrong column) p.6;
Your vote counts (PPTA presidential team elections) p.7;
Principals alarmed by funding proposals (bulk funding) p.8;
What happens when teachers BYOD? (PPTA ICT committee) p.9;
Wage issues (field officer advice) P.10;
Blunt tools (Locked Out book review) pg.11;
Mental Health Awareness week pg.12;
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April 5, 2017 05/04/17
2016 PPTA News September (vol.37 no.6) Somebody is thinking of the children - President's viewpoint p.3;
A chance for children (He Huarahi Tamariki) p.4;
Crossing cultural barriers through movement (Louise Fielder) p.6;
Examining the teacher laptop scheme (TELA) p.7;
Integrated curriculum vs subject silos (Gerard MacManus and Lawrence Mikkelsen) p.8;
What are you like at bass guitar (Dave Armstrong on teacher registration) p.9;
Too many tasks for too few people (PPTA workload taskforce) p.10;
The transformation of schools into businesses (Bulk funding) p.12;
Cultivating culture - PPTA pasifika fono) p.14;
Pathways for Maori success (PPTA Maori Teachers' Conference) p.16;
Te Wiki o te reo Maori every day (Cecelia Pakinga) p.17;
Involving everyone in Health and Safety p.18;
Consultation on management units essential (Field Officer advice) p.19.
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April 5, 2017 05/04/17
2017 August PPTA News party education policies PPTA News asked political parties how they would respond to the big issues in education as part of a government.
This table is shows PPTA’s summary of longer answers provided by each party.
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August 16, 2017 16/08/17
2017 PPTA News April (vol.38 no.2) Working with the people who matter most - President's viewpoint p.3;
Morning teas a #Winning formula p.4;
Professionals gather to advance public education (Issues and Organising seminar) p.5;
Staunch activist stands up for the most vulnerable (Trevor Wilson) p.6;
Students may miss out as staffing schools get harder p.8;
Trusting teaching and prioritising teachers' wellbeing (ISTP) p.9;
School, iwi and community join forces for students (Taihape Area School) p.10;
Something to stand up for (Alternative education Wainuiomata Rangatahi Learning Centre) p.12;
2017 Maori Teachers’ Conference p.14;
A commitment to social justice and workers rights (Obituary Gunther Warner) p.15;
“Lightbulb moment” with staff at morning tea (Howick College) p.16;
Charter schools and tino rangatiratanga? Please... (Morgan Godfrey) p. 17;
Contemplations from the classroom (Roger Gregory) p. 18;
Supporting our colleagues in precarious employment - Out in the Field p.19;
Updates - Communities of Learning survey; Education Council fee increase p. 20.
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May 2, 2017 02/05/17
2017 PPTA News August (vol.38 no.5) The August edition of PPTA News: the magazine for New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents:

Working with the people who matter most - President's viewpoint p.3;
Albany Senior High School - advocating for the next generation of teachers p.4;
Community support breaks down learning barriers p.5;
Transforming Maori education - Maori Teachers' Conference p.6-7;
Schools and principals stronger together - new NZSPC chair p.8;
Kicking off the first New Zealand Teachers' Games p.9;
Housing, job security and education - the big issues for young workers p.10;
PPTA members quiz candidates p.11;
Education policies - we asked, they answered p. 12-13;
Social investment and education funding models (guest column Bill Rosenberg) p.14;
Focus on education - PPTA election resources p.15;
Part time teachers take a case for equality p;16;
Technology, plagiarism software and school libraries p.17;
New Zealand secondary schools and your child (author interview with Bali Haque) p.18;
Always check your payslip (out in the field) p.19;
PPTA annual conference and executive elections p.20
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August 14, 2017 14/08/17
2017 PPTA News February-March (vol.38 no.1) The cost of change for change's sake - President's viewpoint p.3;
Bulk funding - gone by morning tea time p.4;
Introducing the new faces of PPTA p.5;
Excessive teacher workload is hurting students p.6-7;
Dealing in students' "musical currency" p.8;
An inspiring mentor for younger women - obituary, Helen Ryburn p.10;
The boss that always cared - obituary, Colin Moore - p.11;
The commodification of kids - online schools in the US - p.12;
Speaking truth to power (select committee submissions) p.13;
New graduates - keep an eye on your entitlements - Out in the Field p.14;
Looking out for the new kids - support for beginning teachers p.15;
Taking on the tiger teachers - book review p.16;
Compulsory English in schools - satire p.17;
Looking Forward Looking Back - NETs conference p.20.
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April 4, 2017 04/04/17
2017 PPTA News July (vol.38 no.4) The July edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents

Education isn't an island - President's viewpoint p.3;
Mental health teaching resources to receive upgrade p.4-5;
Joint taskforce investigates secondary workload issues p.6;
Rebalancing secondary teacher workload p.7;
Creating safe schools, workplaces and communities (Pink Shirt Day) p.8;
Defending public education (guest column Martin Thrupp) p.9;
When teaching is in the blood (Buller High School) p.10-11;
Dyslexia as a teaching tool p.12-13;
Obituary - Ken Havill p.14;
About tax - paying for education and public services (book excerpt -Progressive Thinking) p.15;
Demystifying the headline grabbing test results (book review - The Global Education Race) p.16;
Retraining to teach (guest column - Dave Armstrong) p.17;
Letters to the editor p.18;
Units and middle management allowances (out in the field) p.19;
Education and the election p.20

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July 5, 2017 05/07/17