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Method for calculation of salary for pro-rata teachers (2007) (PPTA note to Collective Agreement Part 4 – clause 4.5 Part-time teachers)
From the Department of Education (1981) Administration manual (Part c, vol. 2)
Pro rata teachers receive a payment which is a proportion of their full-time salary entitlement. They are also paid for an additional time equivalent to 11 percent of class contact hours which is equal to an additional payment of one hour for each nine hours of actual class teaching. …
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October 27, 2017 27/10/17
Ministerial Taskforce on Secondary Teacher Remuneration (2003) The PPTA and the Secretary for Education agreed, in the Terms of Settlement of the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement 2002-2004 (STCA), to a Ministerial Taskforce to examine and report on a number of issues related to secondary teachers' remuneration which had been raised but not fully explored or addressed during the negotiations and settlement of the STCA.
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April 10, 2017 10/04/17
Ministerial Taskforce on Secondary Teacher Remuneration Appendices 2003 Appendices to the Ministerial taskforce on secondary teacher remuneration - includes terms of reference; list of members; documents tabled; list of submitters; executive summary of survey.
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April 10, 2017 10/04/17

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