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STCA – 13 June 2019 offer – Terms of Settlement
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August 17, 2020 17/53/2020
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August 17, 2020 17/54/2020
Strategy to prevent suicide in New Zealand: Submission June 2017 PPTA submission on the draft Suicide Strategy 2017
This submission drew largely on policies and positions in terms of Rainbow Taskforce work, and also our work with guidance counsellors.
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August 17, 2020 17/51/2020
Strike conversation overview
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August 17, 2020 17/53/2020
Submission on NZ Insurance Scheme
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April 14, 2022 14/13/2022
Submission to Education & Science Select Committee on SOP 176 Education Legislation Bill June 2016 The creation in this SOP of a new class of teacher is a significant change, which the Select Committee is right to recognise that we have an interest in. This…
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
Summary of Annual Conference Changes 2021
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September 15, 2021 15/46/2021
Survey of middle leaders in secondary schools
December 12, 2016 12/50/2016
Te Huarahi Māori Motuhake Submission on the Education Amendment Bill 2012 (January 2013) Submission made on behalf of Te Huarahi Māori Motuhake opposing the changes to the Education Amendment Bill, in particular the section establishing charter schools.
... Te Huarahi is also…
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
Te Tiro Hou: Report of the Qualifications Framework Inquiry 1997 This report outlines the findings of Te Tiro Hou - The Qualifications Framework Inquiry.
With ongoing changes to NCEA and secondary assessment it seems timely to make it more accessible…
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August 17, 2020 17/49/2020
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August 17, 2020 17/53/2020
Teach First NZ - Update to members February 2014 It would be fair to say, however, that PPTA has not been kept as well-informed by the university as we would like to be as the scheme has rolled out.…
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August 17, 2020 17/48/2020
Teacher disciplinary procedures - presentation to NZSPC (2010) Presentation to Secondary principals' council on teacher disciplinary procedures. Presentation refers to legislation, standards and the process.
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
Teacher supply issues presentation to 2016 conference (video)
December 12, 2016 12/47/2016
Teachers Council: Government patsy or voice of the profession? (2010) 2010 Annual conference paper. Many PPTA members were enraged this year when the Teachers Council announced that fees to renew teachers' practising certificates would nearly double from 1 July. The…
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
Teachers in the precariat: fixed-term contracts and the effect on establishing teachers (2016) 2016 Annual conference paper from the Auckland Region and the PPTA Establishing Teachers’ Committee. This paper addresses the insecure work faced by new and establishing teachers through the use…
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
Teachers talk about NCEA (2005) (2005) The report focuses on the voices of secondary and area school teachers, hence its title ‘Teachers talk about NCEA’. It portrays a profession which is engaged on a hugely…
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June 28, 2021 28/58/2021
Teachers talk about NCEA - Summary (2005) (2005) Research conducted by Judie Alison (NZPPTA) This is a summary version of a much larger report of the same name. This version does not contain the voices of…
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June 28, 2021 28/57/2021
Teachers the new targets of schoolyard bullies (2004) Benefield, J. Despite a wealth of anecdotal evidence, there is currently very little research data available on the prevalence or impact of the various forms of physical…
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August 17, 2020 17/48/2020
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August 17, 2020 17/54/2020
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March 24, 2022 24/48/2022
Technology; theory without practice? (2006) PPTA conducted this research in 2005 in response to the concerns of technology teachers.
Post script: while there have been some positive changes since this report- such as the offer…
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August 17, 2020 17/49/2020
Template - PUM letter from branch chairs to BOTs
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August 17, 2020 17/53/2020
Terms and pay gaps between ASTCA and STCA since 2004 (May 2017) Prepared for union meetings with members covered by the Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement Pay gaps between ASTCA and STCA 2002 - 2016, …
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August 17, 2020 17/51/2020
Terms of Reference: Secondary Teacher Supply Working Group Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA) 2015-2018 Terms of Settlement
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August 17, 2020 17/49/2020