*Frequently Asked Questions*

Your most frequently-asked questions, answered.

PPTA Membership

Types of membership

How do I sign up?

How do I pay my fees?

I only want to do occasional day relieving – do I have to pay the full membership fee?

I am taking leave, what happens to my PPTA membership?

I am moving schools. What happens to my PPTA membership?

How do I change my contact details?

Can I remain a member of PPTA when I retire?

Can I retain membership of Healthcare Plus after I retire from teaching?

How do I resign from PPTA?

Paid Union Meetings

What do I need to do if I can’t attend a Paid Union Meeting?

PPTA Website

How do I log in to the PPTA website?

Getting a Job

Registration and Certification

What is the difference between registration and certification?

Do relievers need to be registered and hold a practising certificate?


What should appear on a fixed term agreement/letter of appointment?

What are the reasons for establishing a fixed-term agreement?

Workload and Timetabling

Can I be required to do internal relief?

Is there a legal limit to the number of students in a class?

How many students should I have in a specialist room?

Do I have to be involved in extra-curricular activities?

When can call backs be used?


What should my salary be?

I don’t think I am being paid correctly for my qualifications and experience. Who should I contact?

What impact does taking Leave Without Pay (including parental leave) have on my holiday pay?

Will maternity leave result in a loss of holiday pay when I return to work?

I am on a fixed term contract for the year which ends on the 15th of December, do I get holiday pay?

What happens to my holiday pay when I resign from teaching during the year?

Teacher Help and Support

I am feeling overwhelmed, what support can I access?

What is EAP?

Communities of Learning

Can a school appoint Within School Teachers (WST) as fixed term?

Do WSTs have to teach a minimum number of hours?

Can a school postpone time allowance for a WST?

Health and Safety

What health and safety courses does PPTA offer?

Are maximum or minimum temperatures stipulated for classrooms?

What is acceptable noise in a classroom?


Sick Leave

What is my sick leave entitlement?

Why isn’t my sick leave balance going up each year?

How much sick leave do I have?

What happens when I run out of sick leave?

If I am sick on a Friday and the following Monday, how many sick days are deducted?

If I am sick during term time, will it affect my holiday pay?

I work part-time but got a full day of sick leave deducted

Parental Provisions/ Maternity Grant

How much maternity leave am I eligible for? (I have 12 months service)

How much maternity leave am I eligible for? (I have less than 12 months service)

How much notice do I have to give to return after maternity leave?

How much notice do I have to give if I intend to take 24 months of maternity leave?

I am covering someone's maternity leave. How much notice do I get that they are returning?

Leave for family reasons

When can I take leave for family reasons?

Special leave

I have been granted study leave. Do I have to attend school on the days before my leave commences / after it finishes?

I have been called for jury duty

Bereavement/ Tangihanga Leave

Can I be granted bereavement /tangihanga leave to pay my respects to someone other than a relative or near relative?

Miscellaneous Leave

An extreme weather event is preventing me getting to school. Can I get leave with pay for staying home?


I have been told to stay home because of an infectious epidemic but I am not sick. Am I on leave with pay or sick leave?

Leaving Your Job / Surplus Staffing

Removal expenses: when am I eligible and how do I claim?

How much notice am I required to give if I want to resign?

What is surplus staffing?

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