Hours of work - Extra-curricular activities

The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify the obligations PPTA members have in relation to extra-curricular issues. As far as possible, the guidelines endeavour to support teachers who are willingly and actively engaged in extra-curricular activities and, as well, those who wish to have no part in it

PPTA Members and extra-curricular activities: Guidelines

Extra-curricular activities have always been regarded as part of the culture of secondary schools. Many teachers relish the opportunity to act as sports coaches, drama producers, international tour guides and musical directors and all teachers accept the benefits of being able to engage with students in less formal settings than the classroom.

The hours spent by teachers in required or expected extracurricular activities count towards their average 40 hours per week over the school year (i.e. within the yearly total of 1816 hours).

Teachers who receive additional payments for extracurricular responsibility will agree with their employer in writing how much additional time their payment covers.

These guidelines outline teachers’ rights but also suggest positive ways schools can encourage and support extra-curricular activities.

The long-term solution for extra-curricular demand is additional staffing and resourcing. However, in the interim, branches can encourage schools to establish supportive practice around extra-curricular activities.

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