Holiday pay

Permanent teachers are normally paid through each holiday, including the summer break.

Teachers who were appointed to permanent positions after the start of the school year (including those employed in the last term of the year) will also normally be paid through the summer vacation (clause 4.8.1(a)).

Deductions from holiday pay are only to be made if the permanently-appointed teacher has taken unpaid leave after they were appointed or if they resign (STCA clause 4.8.7).

If a permanently-appointed teacher is away on unpaid sick leave, deductions from holiday pay don't start until the teacher has been away for three months (STCA clause 4.8.6).

If a permanently-appointed teacher is away for unpaid leave for other reasons, they will start to lose holiday pay after the fifth day of absence (STCA clause 4.8.5).

Teachers in long-term relief positions are treated as permanent teachers for holiday pay purposes (STCA clause 4.8.1 (b)), so those employed for a period of more than one year should be paid through the summer break if their term of employment spans that period (e.g. if they are employed for a two-year appointment).

If a long-term fixed-term appointee position ends at or before the end of the year, they will be paid up for any unused holiday pay generated by their employment in that year, including any unused annual leave.

If you are told you will not be paid through the summer break and feel that this is not correct, provide the above advice to your school and then – if necessary – contact your PPTA Field Officer.


Example - Kapa Haka Secondary Schools Nationals in Nelson June 28th

A teacher is required (see clause 4.5.1 – a teacher cannot be required to work) by the school to attend the Kapa Haka Nationals held on Matariki,  – Friday 28th June 2024.

(Or any other required school event on a public holiday)

As this is a public holiday the teacher must be paid in accordance with section 50 of the Holidays Act 2003 which means they receive 1.5 days of their regular pay in total. This comprises one day for the day they have worked and already received salary for and an additional  0.5 days’ pay.   

 A teacher is already paid a day’s salary for the public holiday. 

Where the teacher is covered by the STCA this also means that they can take also then take a paid day off at a mutually agreed time.

The Area school teachers’ collective agreement does not specifically refer to taking a paid day off.  However, under Section 56(1) of the Holidays Act, an employee who works on a public holiday is entitled to an alternative public holiday period. The provisions of the Holidays Act must be followed. 

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