Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA)

Supplement 2: Service / Qualification Increment (STCA)

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As provided in clause 4.9.9 the acquisition of an additional qualification before the service increment is payable is not a requirement for the following categories of teacher:

(a) Teachers confirmed in the former List B on 1 February 1971;

(b) Teachers serving at 1 February 1971, who translated from the former Qualification Group B1 to Group IIIb, and who were at that date classified in the former List A, are automatically exempted from the qualification criterion and are eligible for the granting of the service increment on satisfying the service criterion only;

(c) Trained teachers appointed to permanent positions on or after 1 February 1974, who were employed in the state secondary teaching service before 1 February 1971 and at that time satisfied the requirements for entry to the former List B (or the earlier Grade III) are required to serve five years on the maximum of the base scale before they may be paid the service increment but are not required to gain an additional qualification;

(d) Non-graduate teachers who satisfied the five years’ service requirement between 1 February 1976 and 1 February 1979 and who had enrolled for the papers leading to the Service Increment Certificate before or at the beginning of the 1979 academic year may be paid the service increment retrospectively to the date at which they completed the five-year service requirement; subject to the requirements for the issue of the Service Increment Certificate having been satisfied, and also the certificate having been completed within five years of the teacher’s commencing study for it. Non-graduate teachers outside the scope of this provision will be paid the service increment only when the service and qualification criteria have been met, i.e. the retrospective payment provision does not apply to non-graduate teachers who met the five year service criterion after 1 February 1979.

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