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2019 June-July PPTA News (vol.40 no.3) Table of contents:

Ripples that make a positive difference (guest viewpoint) p.3;
Meet our 19,000th member p.4;
We are one (Palmerston North Girls' High) p.5;
All the way (to court) for equal pay p.6;
Discretion, honesty and fearlessness p.7;
Because we care p.8;
Southlanders do it in style pg.9;
Encouraging Māori girls through Te Waka STEM pg.10;
Movement on UN education goals pg. 12;
Parable of the shoe pg. 14;
Have you checked your payslip lately?(Out in the field) pg. 15;
PPTA annual conference pg. 16;
Are you on the Māori electoral roll? pg. 16.
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June 24, 2019 24/06/19
2019 June-July PPTA News -Teachers strike-A3-poster
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June 24, 2019 24/06/19
2019 MTC flyer
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May 3, 2019 03/05/19
2019 PPTA News March April (vol.40 no.1) The March April edition of the PPTA News: The magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers.

Table of contents:

The revolution will not be automated pg. 3;
Bringing out the best in your neighbourhood pg. 4;
PPTA branch wins pay equity for part-time members pg. 5;
Unflappable dedication to fairness and equity (Guy Allan award) pg.6;
Engaging with the decision makers pg. 7;
An extraordinary job (principal profile) pg.8-9;
Against hatred we send love (messages of support for ChCh) pg. 10-11;
The lowdown on the Tomorrow's Schools taskforce pg. 12;
The fishhooks in the Tomorrow's Schools report pg. 13;
I feel like I've taught nearly everyone in Christchurch (honorary member profile) p.14;
10 ways to teach me (Ngā Manu Korero) pg.15;
Challenging new play has community at its core pg. 16-17;
Salary assessment and self-employment (Out in the field) pg. 18
Demystifying Digital Technologies (TRCC) pg.19;
PPTA News online pg. 20.
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March 19, 2019 19/03/19
2019 PPTA News May (vol.40 no.2) Table of contents:

Our community is with us (president's viewpoint) p.3;
Schools' Strike for Climate p.4-5;
From discouragement to certainty p.6;
Mythbusting ADHD p.7;
Cutting across cultural differences p.8;
Support for Canterbury p.9;
Laptop collection for Tonga p.9;
Revolutionising the way students learn maths p.10;
Ngā Manu Kōrero p.11;
NETs conference pg. 12;
You've got this (member profile - Samara Doole) p.13;
Talking women's rights at work p.14;
Domestic Violence - Victims' Protection Act now law p.15;
Comparing education systems - NZ vs Finland p.16;
Obituary - Bernard Joseph Downey p.17;
Professional dilemma (Out in the field) p.18;
PPTA news online p.20.

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May 20, 2019 20/05/19
2019 PPTA News November-December (vol.40 no.6) The November-December edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers
Table of contents:
Having a say in what education should be (viewpoint) p.3;
New entitlement recognises benefits of representation p.4;
Paid union delegate time – what you need to know p.5;
Familiar faces at the helm p.6;
A Force to be reckoned with p. 6;
Supporting teaching and learning by reducing admin p. 7;
Fixed term agreements huge issue for Pacific teachers p.8;
Ngā Manu Kōrero – 54 years of PPTA support p.9;
A passion for professional development p.10;
Advancing the dream of public education p. 11;
A Tiriti relationship and PPTA p.12;
PPTA annual conference 2019 p.13;
It really feels like a team effort p.14;
I’ve worked through the challenges and I’m smiling p.15;
Fixed-term positions – time to review p.16;
Community based projects with a global focus p.17;
Taking stock of your rights at the end of the year p.18;
Membership alert – have your details changed? p.19;
WorksafeReps wellbeing workshops p.20.
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November 27, 2019 27/11/19
2019 PPTA News September-October (vol.40 no.5) The September-October edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers

Table of contents:

Teachers are the experts in teaching (viewpoint) p.3;
More schools standing together to stop bullying p.4;
Valuing music teachers p.5;
Only we know our story p.6;
Keeping workers safe, a life highlight p.7;
Presidential team elections p.8;
A teaching life (book launch) p.9;
It stopped me from leaving the profession (NETs) p.10;
Educators and unions take the lead p.11;
Rest and meal breaks, union delegate time and more p.12;
Digital exams go mainstream p.13;
Performance management and the accord p.14;
Union-led professional development for members p.15;
Practising certificate renewal - don't forget p.16.

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September 12, 2019 12/09/19
2019 Term 1 Branch Chairs Presentation
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February 12, 2019 12/02/19
2019-03-08 Ministry offer
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March 11, 2019 11/03/19
2020 Health and Safety leaflet
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February 12, 2020 12/02/20
2020 Health and safety leaflet
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February 21, 2020 21/02/20
2020 PPTA News March-April (vol 41. no.1) The March-April edition of PPTA News: the magazine of New Zealand secondary teachers

What matters can't always be measured (viewpoint)
Branch treasurer awarded top union honour
Inspirational leader retires from TRCC
The Accord -what happens now?
March 15 - I dread the anniversary and long for it
Covid-19 DONT PANIC...but be sensible
Advancing the dream of public education - April 20-21
Incorrectly assessed overseas teaching qualifications
Ransomware attack - precautionary advice for PPTA members
PPTA branches take on the teaching council
Learning from Australian new educators
25 April - a new kind of documentary for schools
Tomorrow's Schools reform update
A strong voice for the people on the ground (new DGS)
Hitting the ground running (national campaigns coordinator)
Making an impact through language and learning (new AO)
It's about time (Out in the field)
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March 13, 2020 13/03/20
80, 15, 5 percent: What we know; what they need… (2009) 2009 Annual conference paper. The challenge is to try and get the best value we can for professional support for teachers and funding for schools to work proactively with the bulk of our students, while lobbying and monitoring the government to commit badly-needed funding and resources to the development of specialist services for children and young people with conduct problems. Despite an extremely positive and proven cost-benefi t ratio for early intervention into conduct problems, our system continues to be fragmented, under-staffed, under-qualifi ed and under-funded.
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January 19, 2017 19/01/17
A Civilised Society - the bulk funding battle A Civilised Society is a documentary directed by Alister Barry - it's a story about the battle of ordinary New Zealanders against education policies such as bulk funding and individual contracts, policies they believed would wreak havoc in education
December 12, 2016 12/12/16
A hierarchy of inequality – The decile divide (2013) 2013 Annual conference paper from the Waikato region. There are concerns about use of the decile system for other purposes. Set up as a mechanism to provide targeted funding for students facing significant barriers to learning, the rating has become mixed up with academic performance of schools in league tables and a marketing tool for schools. Parents are often going to considerable lengths to ensure their children access high decile schools, often at considerable sacrifice, in the belief that this is synonymous with ‘good’ schools.
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April 19, 2017 19/04/17
A level playing field? The importance of local funding in financing secondary schools (2012) 2012 Annual conference paper from the Waikato Region. In 2003 a PPTA annual conference paper examined how government underfunding affected secondary schools’ capacity to deliver on their core functions, restricting their ability to create an optimal learning environment. The main thrust of the paper was that there was a need to match government funding to the true costs of education in order to deliver a high quality public education. The paper clearly pointed out the inadequacy of the Operations Grant in a changing environment of rising costs and the unhelpful pressure on schools to supplement government funding with other revenue and income sources.
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January 17, 2018 17/01/18
A needs-based model of resourcing — time for a national discussion? (2014) 2014 Annual conference paper. This paper explores what “needs-based” could mean in terms of the totality of school resourcing and recommends PPTA seek to work with other organisations to initiate discussions on how the state and integrated schools system could be resourced within a needs-based framework.
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April 19, 2017 19/04/17
A policy development or review process: About Time toolkit 2013 Section 7. The following steps should assist in situations where a school either has no timetabling policy – or it is undergoing a review.
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July 26, 2017 26/07/17
About PPTA PPTA Te Wehengarua is the professional association and union of teachers and principals committed to improving secondary education for New Zealand students.
January 16, 2018 16/01/18
Academics put heat on half-baked reactions The political and media stir caused by professor John Hattie's research on student achievement has prompted a group of academics to look closely at his work. The authors were particularly concerned that politicians might use Hattie's work to justify ill-informed policy decisions.
October 27, 2017 27/10/17
Accelerated change in the senior secondary school (2011) 2011 Annual conference paper. At PPTA's 2010 annual conference, members called for a range of workload control measures to alleviate some of the demands of implementing the realigned achievement standards across three levels.
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January 24, 2017 24/01/17
Accord between the Ministry, NZEI, and PPTA (2019)
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July 22, 2019 22/07/19
Accord update - Branch PUM meeting Feb 2020
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February 26, 2020 26/02/20
ACECA 2016-2019 FINAL tracked changes
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December 12, 2019 12/12/19
Ad guidelines for Bring out the Best printed collateral
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February 26, 2019 26/02/19