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Why sign up to the Promise to New Teachers (May 2017) Why we should sign up to the Promise to new teachers: Giving new teachers a the support they need at the start of their careers
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August 17, 2020 17/51/2020
Sample words to apply for Parental Leave (STCA Clause 6.3) - and add a Medical Certificate (6.3.5) - the maternity grant is not payable where a teacher has not produced a medical certificate confirming pregnancy, or confirmation from the relevant...
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August 17, 2020 17/50/2020
Meaning of endeavour and consultation (2008) The Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA) makes a number of references to "endeavour", particularly in Part 5: Hours of Work.
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August 17, 2020 17/48/2020
Flexible work entitlements (2015) (February 2015) You have a legal right to request flexible working hours for any reason and at any time under Part 6AA of the Employment Relations Act 2000. The principal...
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August 17, 2020 17/51/2020
Fixed term agreements: guidelines to the Employment Relations Act 2000 (May 2015) A fixed term agreement is when your job at a school is temporary rather than
permanent. For example, you might be appointed to a full-time position at a high...
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August 17, 2020 17/48/2020
Dress Codes and Teachers
December 14, 2016 14/23/2016

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