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17-12-05 Preparing For Negotiations
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February 12, 2019 12/02/19
18 reasons for 18 credits - managing student and teacher assessment workload PPTA Te Wehengarua suggests an effective way of managing student and teacher assessment workload would be to limit the number of credits offered. This should take into account the abilities of the class but on average a realistic number of credits to offer would be 13-18 per course, based on assumption of about four hours per week contact time over about 33 weeks, plus some homework time.
December 12, 2016 12/12/16
2014 NZPPTA Annual Report 2014-2015 Annual report and consolidated financial statements of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association.
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December 2, 2016 02/12/16
2014 PPTA News November - December (vol.35 no.10) Valuing teachers as one - President's viewpoint p.3;
Two lands connect 2014 (AEU) Federal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Conference) p.4;
Well batted, Norm (Norm Austin reflects on 43 years with the union) p.5;
Coaching Hope (interview with John Kirwan) p.6;
Maternity grant win p.8;
Phoney philanthropy (John O'Neill) p.9;
Variation put to the vote (IES roles) p.10;
Refining specialisation (Specialist Classroom Teacher) p.12;
Standing up for sovereignity (TPPA) p.13;
Standing up to sexual violence p.14;
Government put on notice (EDUCANZ) p.15;
A new round of extravagant funding (charter schools) p.17;
Reimbursements for EOTC ... (Field Officer advice) p.18;
Story with good intentions fails to engage (Book review - Roskill) p.19.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2014 PPTA News October (vol.35 no.9) Step inside the gates - President's viewpoint p.3;
Novopay's walking wounded p.4;
Former president farewelled p.5;
New doco details daily toil of teachers p.5;
A stormy year (Annual Conference) p.6;
Going the distance (Phillipstown Technology Centre) p.8;
Financial irresponsibility (Charter schools) p.10;
Government set to slash your rights at work p.11;
ASPIRE retirement scheme transfer p.11;
Tackling teen depression and anxiety (Stand by me - book review) p.12;
Letters - Time for an editorial policy on gender equity? p.12;
So there is a falling roll ... (Field Officer advice) p.14;
Some PRTs required to do teacher ed refresh courses (Field Officer advice) p.14;
Make sure you're in the know before you vote (IES) p.16.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 NZPPTA Annual Report 2015-2016 Annual report and consolidated financial statements of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association.
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July 24, 2017 24/07/17
2015 PPTA News April - May (vol.36 no.3) Authorisation bought - President's viewpoint p.3;
Ideas generation (PPTA Network of Establishing Teachers (NETs) conference) p.4;
Northland PPTA says no to TPPA p.5;
Holding back the iHunch p.6;
The charade behind the facade (Charter schools) p.8;
Dealing with the discrete material of racism (Book review) p.10;
Lessons in print (interview with author and PPTA member Denis Wright) p.10;
Offering vocal support (Health and safety) p.11;
Members snub exclusive club (Educanz) p.12;
Call back days: a couple of cases (Field Officer advice) p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News August (vol.36 no.6) Gratuitous whimsy - President's viewpoint p.3;
A passion for putaiao (Science curiculum) p.4;
Student told not to ask "those" questions (Student transition) p.5;
NZ education issues get a global audience (Education International) p.6;
Keep education out of free trade agreements (TPPA) p.7;
Offer below par (STCA negotiations) p.8;
Student voice can enhance teaching practice (Ritu Sehji) p.9;
Humour, passion and professionalism (SCT - Julia Todd) p.10;
PPTA kicking about in the community (Northland) p.11
Secondary job ads climbing (Staffing shortages) p.12;
Do teachers truly have a voice (Peter DeWitt) p.13;
An appraisal of teacher appraisals (Field Officer Advice) p.14;
ERO and EDUCANZ joint system-audit not part of PPTA boycott p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News February (vol.36 no.1) Jekyll & Hyde - President's viewpoint p.3;
On debut (Two new faces PPTA National Office) p.4;
From the heart (PB4L at Avondale College) p.5;
Respect and identity (Transgender in schools) p.6;
Supermarket heroes (First Union Pak N Save workers & Mana College) p.7;
Paid parental leave has been extended p.8;
Caregiver's equal pay win a boost for all women p.8;
Recognition for services to Pasifika education p.9;
Hub with ripples (Pond) p.10;
Pond - one teacher's experience (Wellington High, Tony Cairns) p.10;
Join the discussion (PPTA online) p.12;
Charges likely (Teachers to pay for their own police vetting?) p.13;
All there in black and white (Melanie Webber - STCA need to know posters) p.14;
Fixed term appointments - ground hog day? (Field Officer advice) p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News July (vol.36 no.5) A qualified report - President's viewpoint p.3;
Te ihi te wehi te wana (Maori Teachers' Conference) p.4;
Wellbeing in schools: 3-day course by teachers for teachers p.5;
Playing safe (Anti-bullying) p.6;
Letter - You don't have my permission to represent me (Educanz) p.7;
A good launch not rocket science (STCA campaign) p.8;
PPTA members take action through inaction (Charter schools) p.9;
Conspicuous by their silence (Student wellbeing) p.10;
Dealing with stress (Field Officer advice) p.13;
Northland activist appointed field officer (Adele Towgood) p.13;
Law out of order (Policing (Cost Recovery) Amendment Bill) p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News June (vol.36 no.4) ERO's quick-fix heroes - President's viewpoint p.3;
Forces align against bullying (Pink shirt day) p.4;
Don't talk back (Cyberbullying) p.5;
Freedom beyond violence (White Ribbon movement) p.6;
What will the Vulnerable Children Act 2015 mean for teachers? p.7;
Parental leave provisions reinforced p.7;
Camera angles (STCA campaign) p.8;
What's the buzz (Shave for a cure) p.9;
Letter - Save the National Library lending service p.10;
What does discipline look like? (Field Officer advice) p.11.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News March (vol.36 no. 2) Doing more with less makes us all mad - President's viewpoint p.3;
Plaudits for Pukekohe branch chair (Guy Allan Award) p.4;
First charter school on last warning p.5;
Robin Duff (Obituary) p.6;
New Zealand Sign Language taster classes for schools p.7;
Rainbow network Facebook page p.7;
Diminishing returns (National Library) p.8;
Battle lines drawn over Educanz (Teachers Council) p.9;
Polyfest release day entitlements p.10;
Working out what works (researchEd conference with Michaela Pinkerton) p.11;
Relief? Not entirely (Relief teaching) p.12;
Managing teacher contact time: 3 case studies (Field Officer advice) p.13;
Pay claim - catch up and keep up? (Issues and Organising seminar) p.14;
Materialism returns to the political agenda (Dr Bryce Edwards - Issues and Organising seminar) p.15;
Domestic violence as a workplace issue p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News November - December (vol.36 no.9) 2016: preparing for working parties and pantomimes - President's viewpoint p.3;
For the common good (Creative commons) p.4;
Raising the age of foster care overdue p.5;
Buzzwords and flimsy research mar process (Children's Action Plan) p.6;
Picnic at parliament for pay parity p.7;
Three-year STCA ratified p.8;
Five years on and counting (Canterbury) p.10;
Recovery & relocation(Avonside Girls' High School) p.11;
Unscathed but side-lined (Aranui High School) p.12;
"It’s not a merger, it’s a closure" (Aranui High School) p.13;
"We need to choose how we react" (Aranui High School) p.13;
Reconstructing social norms (Sexuality education) p.14;
It's a private commercial organisation and a very profitable one too (Charter schools) p.15;
24-hour commitment (Auckland PPTA activism) p.16;
Are all part-time teachers getting what they're entitled to? p.17;
New year, new job: notice and holiday pay (Field Officer advice) p.18;
Working in Greater Chch? Support is available p.18.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News October (vol.36 no.8) Community solidarity bringing change for working people - President's viewpoint p.3;
Learning from our students p.4;
Genuine inclusion needs more funding p.5;
New legislation raises the stakes (Health and Safety) p.6;
Restoring respect (Student behaviour) p.7;
Annual conference - struggle and persistence p.8;
PPTA assists Vanuatu colleagues (Annual conference) p.9;
True charity kept at home (John O'Neill) p.10;
Voluntary retraining when staffing is trimmed (Field Officer advice) p.11;
Dedicated activist joins field service p.11.

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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2015 PPTA News September (vol.36 no. 7) Life under the big top - President's viewpoint p.3;
Maori girls' college challenges government double standard (Turakina) p.4;
Flawed model has no place in NZ - Labour (Charter schools) p.5;
Informed debate (Annual conference) p.6;
Empowering young workers p.9;
More good news for worker parents (Paid parental leave) p.10;
Union women inspire p.11;
Banned book attracts silent reading protest p.11;
Home-grown interpretations (Shakespeare in schools) p.13;
Too cool for school (Field Officer advice) p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 NZPPTA Annual Report 2016-2017 Annual report and consolidated financial statements of the New Zealand Post Primary Teachers' Association Te Wehengarua.
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September 18, 2017 18/09/17
2016 PPTA News April (vol.37 no.2) Let's try learner-centred PLD for teachers - President's viewpoint p.3;
Reward for long hours of toil (Guy Allan Branch Activism Award presented to Claire Couch) p.4;
"Constancy and absolute belief" contribute to regional service award (PPTA service award - Radne Adern) p.4;
Obituary: Gay Simpkin 1942 - 2016 p.5;
Members encouraged to respond to ministry's census p.5;
Pasifika women unionists visit NZ to extend focus (Council of Pacific Education) p.6;
Region building momentum (East Coast) p.7;
JVP by-election: Candidates' personal statements p.8;
Members "buzzing" after activists workshops (Issues and Organising seminar) p.10;
Better provision for due diligence (Health and Safety) p.11;
Cutting edge or chaos? Modern learning environments (debate Michael Tarry and Chris Abercrombie) p.12;
Future focus too caught up in tech - Michael Harvey p.13;
When "form-time" becomes contact time (Field Officer advice) p.14;
Letter - Knocking teachers for no good reason affects our mental health p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News December (vol.37 no.9) Table of contents:
We can be heroes, just for one day - President's viewpoint p.3;
Code of professional responsibility - p.4;
What is Pasifika success? - p.5;
Middle management debate - p.6;
Farewelling Aranui High School - p.7;
NCEA and Neoliberalism - Opinion - p.8;
Set up your own charter school - Satire - p.9;
The Rhetoric and the Reality - Book review - p.10;
Changing schools and holiday pay - Out in the Field p.11;
Support for quake affected members - p.11;
(note incorrect volume and number (vol.38 no.8) on cover of magazine)
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January 24, 2017 24/01/17
2016 PPTA News Feb-Mar (vol.37 no.1) We need you activists - President's viewpoint p.3;
Celebrating 70 years of shared teaching expertise (Teachers’ Refresher Course
Committee (TRCC)) p.4;
Obituary: Ida Gaskin 1921 - 2016 p.5;
Charter school board should be sacked p.6;
Fears over tertiary charter schools p.6;
Education Council's "lack of action" disappoints (Mental health) p.8;
Young minds hold the key (Mental health) p.9;
Teacher certification put beyond reach p.10;
Continuing negotiations p.11;
Book review: Sexual Cultures in Aotearoa New Zealand p.12;
Reform and reaffirming diversity p.13;
Beginning teachers’ rights (Field Officer advice) p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News July - August (vol.37 no. 5) Braving the storm - President's viewpoint p.3;
Treaty partners at co-governed school (Nga Puna O Waiorea, Western Springs College) p.4;
The Global Budget - bulk funding by another name p.6;
The power of collective strength (interview with outgoing deputy general secretary Bronwyn Cross) p.7;
A coming together with Shakespeare p.8;
Culture support needed for isolated schools (Shakespeare Global Centre NZ) p.9;
Technology in the classroom (Debate) p.10;
Support for student teachers at summit p.11;
Postcards and perserverance for paid parental leave p.12;
Celebrating Pink Shirt Day p.12;
3 fascinating reasons teachers need to have a growth midset too! (Guest blog) p.13;
Are you getting paid correctly for your qualification (Field Officer advice) p.14.
Health and safety research for older teachers (Stuart King) p.14.
Chalkdust: A look into PPTA's past (bulk funding battles of the 1990s) p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News June (vol.37 no.4 ) Pragmatic problem-solver will be missed - President's viewpoint p.3;
Academic mentoring at Lytton High School p.4;
Kaiapoi High School traffic issues p.6;
Should New Zealand history be compulsory (Debate) p.7;
Familiar faces, new roles (PPTA's new deputy general secretary and junior VP) p.8;
Marking Matariki (Celebrating Maori New Year in schools) p.9;
Much needed support for special needs coordinators (TRCC) p.10;
Pasifika fono p.11;
Industrial update p.10;
Education and citizenship - a debate we must have (Guest blog) p.13;
Media review - Try Revolution p.14;
Letter - Marlborough college co-location - the girls' school's point of view p.14.
What's the deal with being fixed term? (Field Officer advice) p.15.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News May (vol.37 no.3) Systematic betrayal - President's viewpoint p.3;
Paid parental leave p.4;
PPTA helps students in Thai border region p.4;
PPTA opposes call to deny principals voting rights p.5;
Members encouraged to respond to ministry's census p.5;
Guidance counsellors key to positive outcomes p.6;
NZ unions represented at UN Commission on the Status of Women p.7;
How best to dress for success? (student uniforms) p.9;
Plan for Blenheim colleges doesn't add up p.12;
Letter - I am most seriously displeased ... with the TELA laptop scheme p.13;
When leave without pay (LWOP) affects holiday pay (Field Officers Advice) p.14.
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May 13, 2017 13/05/17
2016 PPTA News November (vol.37 no.8) Table of contents:
Remembering Helen Kelly - President's viewpoint p.3;
Privatising and profiteering - Examining the COOL proposal p.4;
Funding or Fantasy? - Opinion, Luke East, Year 13 student p.5;
Teacher supply crisis - p.6;
Nga Manu Korero - pg.7;
Maori History Project - Rotorua school partners with iwi p.8;
Big Sister Pasifika programme p.9;
Brand your schools (Dave Armstrong column) p.10;
Surplus staffing - field officer advice p.11;
Education for All-inclusive education rally p 12.
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April 5, 2017 05/04/17
2016 PPTA News October (vol.37 no.7) Table of contents:
Teachable moments - President's viewpoint p.3;
Palmy pioneers collaborative school community (Palmerston North CoL) p.4;
Treaty workshops in schools - p.5;
Cooking with the minister - How to boil an egg (Dave Armstrong column) p.6;
Your vote counts (PPTA presidential team elections) p.7;
Principals alarmed by funding proposals (bulk funding) p.8;
What happens when teachers BYOD? (PPTA ICT committee) p.9;
Wage issues (field officer advice) P.10;
Blunt tools (Locked Out book review) pg.11;
Mental Health Awareness week pg.12;
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April 5, 2017 05/04/17
2016 PPTA News September (vol.37 no.6) Somebody is thinking of the children - President's viewpoint p.3;
A chance for children (He Huarahi Tamariki) p.4;
Crossing cultural barriers through movement (Louise Fielder) p.6;
Examining the teacher laptop scheme (TELA) p.7;
Integrated curriculum vs subject silos (Gerard MacManus and Lawrence Mikkelsen) p.8;
What are you like at bass guitar (Dave Armstrong on teacher registration) p.9;
Too many tasks for too few people (PPTA workload taskforce) p.10;
The transformation of schools into businesses (Bulk funding) p.12;
Cultivating culture - PPTA pasifika fono) p.14;
Pathways for Maori success (PPTA Maori Teachers' Conference) p.16;
Te Wiki o te reo Maori every day (Cecelia Pakinga) p.17;
Involving everyone in Health and Safety p.18;
Consultation on management units essential (Field Officer advice) p.19.
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April 5, 2017 05/04/17