Appraisal and registration

Teacher appraisal should be a useful process that helps teachers to improve their practice.

Appraisal update (July 2020)

The PPTA is working with the ministry to remove the requirement for performance appraisal. This document is designed to help branches raise the issue of appraisal in your school.

Shedding the appraisal compliance burden

For the latest on winding down appraisal, see our news story The Moratorium on Appraisal.



Payment of secondary and area school teachers practising certificates

You must pay practising certificate fees yourself

One of the provisions won in the 2015/16 settlements of the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA), Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement (ASTCA), Secondary Principals' Collective Agreement (SPCA), and Area School Principal’s Collective Agreement (ASPCA) was that the Ministry of Education would pay all practising certificate fees for teachers and principals covered by these agreements.

This was won as part of the "terms of settlement" in 2015 rather than as part of the collective agreements themselves. As such, it didn't automatically roll over when these agreements expired, and we were unable to win a similar clause this negotiation round.

From the expiry of those agreements, practicing certificate fees are no longer covered by the Ministry of Education, so you need to pay the fee yourself. 

Resources and guidelines

Collected here (above) are a number of documents that can help schools to design systems that:
-    Are meaningful and developmental
-    Meet regulatory and employment requirements
-    Show accountability.

Often teachers find the process arduous and unhelpful. Schools' processes range from the minimal to the monstrous and a range of commercial operators are rushing in to offer expensive packages in the vacuum that many schools feel exists.
Using the resources listed on this page should enable schools to develop helpful and robust processes.

The documents are designed to be used by:
-    School leaders when designing and implementing appraisal policies and practices
-    Middle leaders in schools thinking about how to make appraisal work in their learning area or department
-    The PPTA branch if it would like to engage with the school's leadership about appraisal practices.

Teacher appraisal guidelines: To improve not just to prove

These simple guidelines describe what appraisal is for and what a good appraisal process should do. This document is for the people who design and implement appraisal systems in schools and branches that want to investigate their school processes.  They give advice on the types of documents that support good processes, and on what should be considered when moving to web based systems for documenting appraisal.

Appraisal using the Standards and Criteria

This more detailed document describes the relationship between the professional standards and registered teacher criteria and what schools need to know about these. There are some examples of how schools can get this wrong, and a checklist to make sure that they are being used correctly.

Professional Standards

These are the professional standards for teachers from the Secondary Teachers' Collective Agreement (STCA) and the Area School Teachers' Collective Agreement (ASTCA).

The Teaching Council Standards

This is the document from the Teaching Council which describes the criteria.

All teachers need to be using the TCS as their registration falls due.

The TCS are now mandatory for all teachers renewing or reapplying for a Practising Certificate.

If schools are not aware of the TCS, or appear to be implementing them in ways that are onerous and low-trust, please let us know at


Teaching Council does not require extensive collection of evidence by experienced teachers

Some schools are justifying extensive collection of evidence by experienced teachers  because "the Teaching Council requires it", which is untrue - PPTA confirmed this with the Teachers Council.

Rumours that the council now requires teachers to maintain an e-portfolio of evidence are also untrue. However, individual schools may require this information for appraisal purposes.

As long as a school's appraisal and attestation systems are sound, these should not make a substantial difference to current practice.

Teacher Performance Management

This website from the Ministry of Education describes some of the requirements around performance management of teachers for Boards of Trustees.

weblink Performance management

Ruia Appraisal Planner

This is a website developed by the Ministry of Education to help schools to design and implement appraisal processes to raise achievement of Maori students.

weblink Ruia - Teacher appraisal for Māori learners' success


* was called Registered Teacher Criteria (Education Act Amendment, came into force 2015)

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